360 Tours

Here at Nu Media Hub, we specialise in 360° Tours. Creating unique, bespoke and interactive media.

We can provide you with stunning visuals to market any location, destination, workplace or building in which you want people to visit and experience. Some of our 360° Tours include Day-Night Tours, Virtual Tours and Showroom Tours. With our innovative technology and experience in 360° Tours and our passion for photography, we can produce beautiful and striking Tours and, it’s all in-house!

We use high-end professional quality equipment such as a DSLR 360°, 60 Megapixel Sony Camera and the latest software; we produce the best images possible. Our passion for exceptional 360° Tours, technical knowledge and understanding of the industry has meant that we have established ourselves.

We believe that 360° Virtual Tours are a massive asset to your Website. Its beneficial information for your customers, capturing your viewers’ eyes and retaining visitors.

The more time that is spent on your website decreases the "Bounce Rate" for your visitors.
Virtual Tours have proved to generate sales faster, helping the customer by giving them more information.
Virtual Tours with 360° Photography allows you to showcase your business to your customers, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

360° Shop Tour

360° Gym Tour

360° Salon Tour

Day-Night 360° Tour

Virtual 360° Tour

360° Showroom Tour

Are YOU ready to showcase your business through bespoke 360° Tours?!