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Hard Work.

These are the qualities that allow us to help your business blossom. Let us take you on a journey; watch as your business goes from strength to strength with the help of our expert strategies.

About Us

The nu media hub team comprises a group of experts committed to helping clients grow their brands and reach their goals. With over twenty years of experience in marketing and design under their belts, our directors can carry a project from start to finish with the utmost professionalism and care. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, from Thomson Local and Yellow Pages to Barclaycard, our managing director has the knowledge and expertise to transform your business through a meticulous and organised strategy. Our creative director has a broad scope of skills, having undertaken degrees in marketing and design. Her process-driven approach is what ties nu media hub together, keeping us accountable and on track to achieve success for our clients. 

Our in-house photographer and social media manager can capture your company’s value in stunning visual form, casting you in the best possible light to capitalise on your potential. Moreover, she can expose your brand to a whole new audience across the online social space. Each post she creates has a purpose and a call-to-action, ultimately pushing your followers in the right direction, generating leads and increasing conversions.

We also have an in-house videographer who can showcase your company through breathtaking cinematography and advanced storytelling techniques. If his exquisite portfolio of work doesn’t convince you of his talent, perhaps his BAFTA nomination or degree in Filmmaking will.
Equipped with a first-class degree in Creative Writing, our project manager and content creator can generate strategic copy designed to increase conversions and influence potential customers. She will work closely with you throughout your project to build your website, create tactical content and ensure you are satisfied with our work.

Our media apprentice is highly skilled in marketing and content creation, having received a distinction for photography in her art foundation course. Alongside working at nu media hub, she also studies marketing, analytics and coding one day a week. Her expertise in analytics will allow her to assess your socials and adapt your strategy accordingly to expose your brand to a whole new audience. 

During each project we undertake, we collaborate closely with each other and the client to create the best possible outcome, formulating each strategy based on specific goals. We aren’t just your average web design company. Our collective proficiency across multiple areas gives us an accurate, invaluable understanding of the marketing industry, meaning we can optimise your site, social media and content to generate maximal conversions and grow your brand organically.

Elaine Hogg
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Have been with Aaron and nu media hub for a good few years, and we would not consider moving to another company. Aaron always has ideas to drive your business forward, but always listens to what his clients want and is very obliging, even when I leave things to the last minute!
Would highly recommend this firm.
Anthony Wright
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Everyone at nu media hub are fantastic! I am a novice when it comes to websites but they make it so easy. From consultation to design to hosting, nu media hub are the ones to trust. They are always at the end of the phone if you need advice/help or updates to your site.
They have just completed our first animated video which looks better than I could have ever imagined.
Oliver Smith
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We have been using Aaron and the NU MEDIA Team now for many years, we have developed such a great business relationship with this fantastic company. Their efficiency, their unique marketing ideas, business strategergies and advice. We are now onto our third website build with them. The service we recieve has always been paramount. They also do all of our social media, SEO and marketing. Even throughout the lockdown they helped us continously and they helped generate brilliant leads. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to giving our business the best platform possible.
Patrick M
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Aaron and the team at Nu Media have exceeded my expectations with their professionalism. They are very creative and always respond to my demands with enthusiasm. It‘s was a pleasure working with them to create my website and as a result my turnover has increased. Highly recommend!

Our Core Values


Here at nu media hub, we are driven by a passion for results, achieving goals and providing immaculate customer service. Impressive results are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our team. Beneath the surface, you will find a reliable support system committed to helping you and your business thrive. Our mission is to conduct every aspect of our business with the utmost professionalism, going above and beyond for our clients to push them towards their objectives.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Our strengths lie in tireless hard work, harmonious relationships and a level of customer service you won’t find in more prominent agencies. Having worked with some of our current clients for over fifteen years, our team knows how to build lasting relationships through trust, reliability and a relentless can-do attitude. Each team member has individual areas of expertise that, when combined, can produce outstanding results for your business. When you work with nu media hub, you work not with a bunch of corporate, blank-faced clones but with a select group of experts who love what they do and will personally invest themselves and their work in your success.


We centre our approach around the client, their business and their long-term and short-term goals. Shortcuts aren’t our thing. We will always take time to assess our clients’ businesses and suggest the best course of action for success. Honesty is at the core of our work, and it is ultimately what produces results, drives sales and boosts our clients to where they deserve to be.

time management


Efficient communication is one of the critical factors that make our company successful. This, combined with our relentless work ethic, generally leaves very little room for mistakes and misunderstandings. If, however, our clients ever feel that we have overlooked an aspect of our work, we are always ready to take responsibility within our respective job roles.

Meet Our Team

The nu media hub team are a passionate and talented bunch, committed to the cause of helping businesses thrive in the modern world.
Join us.

Aaron Robinson

Managing Director

As a co-founder of nu media hub with twenty years of experience in the marketing industry, Aaron is dedicated to all things media and web-based. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, his unparalleled breadth of knowledge is part of what makes the agency so successful, along with his unwavering commitment to professionalism and quality.

When he’s not managing the  team of devoting his time to clients, you’ll likely find him with a camera in hand, capturing stunning shots or captivating 360 tours. Outside the office, most of his time is spent doting on his daughter, Ellie, and his dog, Coco.

Erin Robinson

Creative Director

Wife to Aaron, our co-founder Erin is a media whizz, equipped with degrees in marketing and interior design alongside decades of experience. 
You’re unlikely to find anyone as enamoured with their job as Erin. Fuelled by a fervent desire to see our clients succeed, she has the ability and know-how to transform any startup into a blossoming business.
Her keen eye for design is just one of the many assets that make her an integral cog in the nu media hub machine. Alongside her skills, she possesses an unmistakable aura of confidence and tenacity that is essential for any boss.

Emily Packham

Social Media Manager / Photographer

Emily is your go-to girl for all things content and social media-related. With a degree in Fashion Photography under her belt, she is deeply skilled at capturing moments, emotions and energy, and will always go above and beyond to cast your business in the best light.
As an avid user of social media platforms and a natural born organiser, Emily can skilfully strengthen your online presence through detailed strategies and innovative content. She is deeply passionate about furthering her skills through extensive research and training, which allow her talents to evolve and grow constantly.
Outside work, Emily spends most of her time socialising, taking long walks or at the gym.

Julie Robinson

Content Creator

With a knack for high-quality content, Julie is a highly skilled writer with an eye for the small but important details. As Aaron’s mum, she is an integral part of the nu media hub team, having been here since the very beginning.

Big on family, animals and bargains, you’ll usually find her out with her two dogs or browsing the local car boot sales.

Katie Lynch

Media Apprentice

As our newest member of nu media hub, Katie goes out of her way everyday to demonstrate her relentless hard work and commitment to the agency. With a strong creative eye for design, she can create stunning graphics and posts to promote your business across various social media platforms. 

Alongside Emily, she crafts innovative and effective strategies designed to boost your business in the digital space. 

Complete with a vibrant, bubbly personality, Katie spends her free time watching Disney films, at the theatre or attending concerts.

Hayden Martin-Green


Specialising in cinematic masterpieces that illuminate your business in all the right places, Hayden’s videography skills are unmatched. You can’t teach a good eye, which is what makes Hayden’s mastery of light, angles and shadow all the more impressive.  

His passion for videography comes from a deep love for film which he cultivated and developed during his Filmmaking degree. With a diverse range of favourites including classics like An American Werewolf in London, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone as knowledgable about film and cinematography.


Meet Coco, baby to Aaron and Erin and mascot to the nu media hub office. You won’t find a more cuddly, friendly pup, always up for a sneaky cuddle at our desks or a lunchtime stroll through the fields.