Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

A Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

A Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

So… You’ve decided it’s time for a business makeover. You want to give your brand an innovative refresh, but you’re faced with the inevitable, inexorable question.


Rebranding is undoubtedly an intimidating task. How do you rebrand whilst maintaining your brand recognition? How do you change your business’s personality and values without losing your loyal customer base?

There are certainly a fair few brands that have failed in this regard in the past. Particularly notable rebranding mistakes include the likes of Gap and Weight Watchers. That’s right – even the most prominent names aren’t immune.

One of the biggest keys to a successful rebrand is making sure it’s actually necessary. If you’re wondering whether or not this is the next logical step for your business, check out our last blog to find out when you should reevaluate your branding efforts. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to rebrand visually, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a comprehensive rebranding guide from an expert branding agency in West Sussex. 

How Far Will You Go?

This is pretty much the first question you need to ask yourself.

Do you want to completely make over your business with a total rebrand? Of course, there’s a lot more at stake when you start from scratch, but it is necessary in some cases.

The more common course of action is a partial rebrand, which involves adjusting your brand identity to better suit your new values, mission or market.

Company Name

If you’re going for a total rebrand, this branding element is going to be at the top of your list of considerations. Of course, it’s always going to be a risky move to change the name of your business, particularly for more established companies, as you could be jeopardising your brand recognition.

However, if your brand name no longer aligns with the services or products you offer, renaming could be a necessary step to starting afresh. Alternatively, if you’re attempting to absolve your brand from a bad reputation, a name change could help give you the distance you were looking for.

Logo and Slogan

Aside from your name, your logo and slogan will likely be the most memorable elements of your brand. 

Think about it.

If you hear: ‘Just Do It’ or ‘Because You’re Worth it’, you instantly think about Nike and Loreal. Similarly, if you see a big yellow ‘M’ on a billboard somewhere, you know instantly what company is being advertised. 

That’s the power of a good logo and slogan.

When it comes to your logo, we always recommend not straying too far from the original. This will help you retain much more of your brand recognition than if you completely switched it up.

As far as your slogan goes, you ideally want it to align with your USP (unique selling proposition). After all, your slogan is essentially a marketing tool to a) encapsulate the essence of your company and b) help you stand out. Coincidentally, that’s also the job of your USP. 

Colour and Typography

Of course, you can’t do much with a logo or a slogan without colours and fonts. 

Typography is an invaluable tool for showcasing your brand’s personality and reaching the targeted audience. Trying to give off a formal impression, targeting a more mature demographic? Maybe opt for a classic serif font like Times New Roman. Or maybe you’re trying to make a statement and project your creative side? In that case, a decorative typeface might do the trick (though we recommend not overusing decorative fonts).

You can’t underestimate the power of colour psychology in your marketing strategy. Consider how you want your audience to feel when thinking about your brand. Think about the impression you want to give. Colour themes are about more than just brand recognition; they are also about personality.

Rebranding Made Easy

If you’re overwhelmed, you won’t be for much longer.

nu media hub comprises a dynamic team of branding experts eager to help you in your rebranding endeavours.

We can help you with every element of your visual branding, helping you smash your new market and achieve all your marketing goals.

Get in touch with us via the form on our website to set up a branding consultation. If you’d like a guide to the non-visual elements of rebranding, stick around to read next week’s blog.

Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

is your business in need of a rebrand

Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

Rebranding… Seems a bit intimidating, right?

It doesn’t have to be. 

You might have noticed the shiny new nu media hub website, which is just one of the elements of our company we have changed as part of our recent rebranding efforts. 

Following our exciting move to an amazing new office, we thought our entire brand was due a makeover to mark a new era of our agency. This has been a huge, collaborative team effort involving plenty of planning, strategy and design. 

There’s a misconception that branding is all about aesthetics. While this is certainly a big part of it, a lot of other elements go into building a brand. 

We have had to consider all of these, which include logo design, colour theme, typography, tone of voice, social media presence and brand positioning, to name a few. 

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

So, how do you know when your company needs to rebrand? 

There are many reasons you may consider reevaluating certain aspects of your business. We’ve compiled a handy list of a select few instances that may (or may not) call for a rebrand. 

Your Product/Service Range is Expanding or Growing

Attempting to break into a new market?

You might find it tricky to do so if your brand itself is stuck in the past.

Upgrading your branding, either partially or fully, could introduce you to a whole new audience by earning a fair bit of attention. You’re likely to rope in a whole new clientele by tailoring your branding to suit your target audience. After all, people want different things. You need to consider the psychology of branding to win over your new intended demographic.

It's Broke, So Fix It

Things not going to plan is an inevitable part of running a business.

Sometimes, the vision you originally had for your brand might not pan out. It might not be enticing the right audience, or perhaps it seems too generic. Alternatively, you may have neglected some essential marketing techniques and are suffering as a result. It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook things like SEO, web design and social media engagement. 

Sound familiar? It’s never too late to fix it. 

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to completely transform your brand to make a difference. Start by analysing your goals and figuring out a comprehensive plan of how you’re going to achieve them. Rethink the aspects of your business that aren’t working and give them a quick makeover. 

You're Not Standing Out

Chances are, there will be a fair few other companies in your industry targeting the same audience you are. It’s reasonable to assume that some of them are implementing similar branding and marketing strategies.

You never want to be in a situation where people are mixing up your company with someone else’s. Do some research on how you can make your branding better than your competition and make a bold statement when you release it to the world.

After all, your business is unique. It deserves to be recognised as such.

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

Not sure how to actually go about the rebranding process? No worries. 

The team at nu media hub is highly seasoned in the art of branding. We are always thrilled at the prospect of working with new businesses and helping them thrive in the digital space. Email us at [email protected] today to set up a consultation, where we can start to devise a plan for your success. 

Got more questions? Keep a keen eye on our blog over the coming weeks to read more of our expert branding tips and tricks. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our brand new site to your heart’s content. 


Four ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of Web Design to Know Before You Start

Four 'Do's and 'Don't's of Web Design to Know Before You Start

Creating a user-friendly and efficient website is not easy. It involves plenty of technicalities that must be executed properly at every step. Only qualified and experienced professionals can successfully design effective websites for various industries.

There are several elements you must consider when designing a website. It isn’t all about aesthetics (though this is undoubtedly still important for your branding) – you must also think about usability and the latest search engine algorithms. 

Before you begin the web design process, here are a few ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s to keep in mind throughout the process:

The ‘Do’s of Website Design

1. Be Consistent

While variation can be beneficial in some areas of your business, it isn’t the best practice for your web design. Creating a website with pages that look entirely separate in terms of design, layout, and the interface can confuse your users. Maintaining the consistency of your website’s interface throughout each page is essential for branding your business. Creating easily identifiable company branding is critical for making your business memorable and reliable in the minds of your target audience. 

2. Consider Usability

Websites with easy-to-navigate pages are far more likely to see sales and conversions, as users will probably leave if they struggle with the site’s functionality. To ensure your website visitors follow through with their purchase, make your navigation labels clear, visible, and readable, and try to reduce navigation time for each section of your website.

3. Take the Content Seriously

Your website copy is just as crucial as the design. Many users will judge the quality of your services based on the quality of your website, which is why there is no room for error when it comes to content. Be it a video, an image or text, you must share original, informative, and well-written content to maintain a professional appearance. A good website designer will ensure that the design complements the content.

4. Check Your Site for Errors

Website design may seem like a one-time job, but there’s always a chance that you’ve missed certain mistakes that could cause a host of issues for your branding and the user. Problems like dead links, typos and other inconsistencies can ruin your efforts and harm your professional image. Proofreading and quality checking your site will allow you to identify any errors and rectify them swiftly. It’s also a good idea to give your website a refresh every so often to keep up with evolving trends and demands from your audience. 

The ‘Don’t’s of Website Design

1. Don’t Keep Users Waiting

A website with a longer loading time will never be a successful one. In the age of social media and instant gratification, internet users are more impatient than ever, meaning they are highly likely to click off a page that takes too long to load. Keep your loading time to a minimum by uploading smaller images and assessing your website speed on a regular basis. 

2. Don’t Use Too Many Typefaces

It can be very tempting for website designers to use multiple different typefaces when creating a website. However, too many fonts can create confusing, inconsistent branding that makes your page look slightly infantile and unprofessional. We recommend sticking to a maximum of two fonts across your website. 

3. Don’t Use Too Many Colours

In a similar vein, it’s important to keep to your company’s colour scheme to maintain consistent branding and cohesive, visually pleasing design. Refrain yourself from using more colours than you need, and try to stick to two or three primary colours (preferably as per the business logo.)

4. Avoid Stock Images Where Possible

Pictures are a hugely effective way to engage your visitors. However, overuse of stock images can reduce the impact of your branding and make your site appear somewhat generic and unoriginal. If possible, use your own photos of your employees or products to build trust with your audience and make your site appear more authentic. 

Contact the Experts for Outstanding Results

Experienced and efficient website designers in Portsmouth will always produce the best results. The experts are well-aware of all these ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s, so you can rest assured you are in the most capable hands. 

Nu Media Hub is a team of highly qualified web designers with a wealth of experience. For years, we have been making websites for clients belonging to a vast range of industries. From eCommerce sites to portfolios, we can deliver bespoke products that make your online identity more prominent and boost conversions.

Why wait to grow your business to where it deserves to be? Get in touch with our expert team today to learn more about our web design and development solutions.

Different Types of Website Designs and Layouts To be Used for Website Development

Different Types of Website Designs and Layouts To be Used for Website Development

Effective and impressive website designs can change the face of a business. A good website is a medium through which companies can reach out to their customers, promote their products and services, increase sales and ensure a positive revenue inflow. Hence, developing a responsive website design for your business website can help you promote your business to the mass customer market. For a professional website design agency in Surrey that can help you with the perfect website design for your business, contact Nu Media Hub today.

A good website design will be visually appealing, user-friendly, functional, and have a simple layout and engaging content. To accomplish this, experienced web designers will use different website designs and layouts depending on the company’s services, product line and the site’s intention.

Before you venture onto the path of website design for your business, read on to know more about the types of website designs and layouts that are available.

Five Types of Website Design

Single page design

Single page websites are designs where the website’s information is displayed on a single page. The length of the page can be as long as the designer wants it to be, depending on the company’s vision. This type of website can be beneficial as a single page can encapsulate the company’s story, mission, vision, and products/services, allowing customers to find all their required information in one place. This makes the information easily accessible, even for those unwilling to scroll through multiple pages.

Static web design

This type of web design does not allow the users to interact with the web page. The designers make a consistent design for all platforms. Static websites are created using HTML or CSS codes, and are ideal for SMEs or small startups as they are simple and low-costing.

Responsive web design

A responsive website design changes the layout resolution and displays information to fit all devices and screen sizes. Designers create responsive web designs to suit all browsing mediums. The majority of large scale organisations focus on using this type of website design. It allows customer interaction with the website and helps customers browse through the products and services.

Dynamic web design

Dynamic web designs are created with the help of PHP, JavaScript and ASP. These websites allow content to be displayed depending on user behaviour. Experienced and technically sound website developers are generally required to develop this type of website. Because of the intricate model, these types of websites are expensive.

Fixed web design

This design makes the website fixed, no matter where you browse. The designers use strict resolutions and measurements that will make the website visible in the same way on a mobile and a computer. This type of website design is beneficial from the designers’ viewpoint as they don’t need to make any changes. However, since the website does not fit the small screen, users may find it difficult to scroll through the web page on a mobile device.

Three different types of website layouts

Asymmetrical layout

Using this layout makes one side of the web page larger than the other. Companies often prefer this type of layout to ensure that the company mission statement, slogan, or catchy tagline is more than the other parts of the website layout. Smaller sections are often used to attract the customers’ attention to the chat boxes so that they can easily communicate with the company’s staff.

Split-screen layout

This layout allows the customers to divide the screen into two halves. This works well for the companies with two major segments of products that they want to promote on the same page. For instance, a retail clothing company can easily use a split-screen layout to equally display the men and women’s sections.

F-shaped layout

The F-shaped layout website design helps create a general viewing option for visitors. Scientifically, when you view web page, your eyes will form an F and E shape. The F-shaped layout is designed with this in mind. It allows the customers to scan the page and fetch the relevant information with ease.

For a well-designed website, hire expert web designers at Nu Media Hub. We offer bespoke web design services in Surrey and guarantee a website that is a perfect blend of creativity and functionality.

5 Most Promising 2022 Web Design Trends in Worthing

5 Most Promising 2022 Web Design Trends in Worthing

2022 is here, and the search for this year’s most popular web design trends has already begun. Organisations are looking for the most promising and effective 2022 Web Design Trends in Worthing to make their online platforms look fascinating and functional. You will need to think about what website design trends will dominate in 2022. What should be your focus while designing your business website this year, and how can you match the competition whilst creating something unique yet impressive.

Why Every Year We See New Designing Trends?

Website design trends depend on various factors. One of them is the idea of being relevant and exclusive all the same time. Websites designers constantly change their styles and focus based on the transforming needs of their users. When the market changes its nature, the designers have to transform their layouts and create something more suitable to be relevant in the current market.

Be it the colour schemes, font styles or the graphic patterns used in a website, the entire idea must be changed to be acceptable by broader audiences as per the latest business and marketing trends. Every year, you can see the introduction of some new styles and features in website design and development trends focusing on the latest market with relevance and accuracy. Let’s dive into some of the most intriguing web design trends in 2022.

Optimistic, Fun-Filled Designs

The use of funky shapes, emojis, funny face shapes and colours is one of the common web design trends in late 2021. In some cases, they use pictures of genuine clients’ smiling faces. These are applied to create a fun-filled environment within the website for users. From portfolio sites to eCommerce, designers use these elements to create something more engaging and optimistic for users, especially in this current pandemic and lockdown. Such kind of optimistic and fun-filled websites attract viewers easily.

Black and White Colour Scheme

This one website design style probably will never go out of trend. People are still obsessed with black and white. These two colours’ intelligent and strategic use can create masterpieces for website designers. This is one of the most elegant, innovative, and beautiful colour schemes that will rule this year’s design trend. You can get a fresh and modern layout wisely when you use these two colours. From sketches to visual illusions, black and white can create interactive and striking designs for your website.

Experimental and Bold Typography

Like 2021, this year will also see some of the fascinating uses of bold and experimental typographies in the world of web design. Bold fonts show you how you can change the look and feel of an entire website without even doing many transformations in the basic design layout. These typographies can create an exclusive appearance of your brand, products and services to your target audiences. The Home Page should have unique and bold typography to make a mesmerising impact on the visitors while sharing imperative information regarding the brand with them from the very beginning.

3D Design Elements

The use of three-dimensional design elements to create something alluring and unique is a trend we get from the previous year. But, it is still relevant and widely popular among web designers and business owners. Elements with this 3D touch might include animations, fonts, shadows, or layer effects to create dimension and depth in your website pages. The perfect blend of 3d flairs with flat and aesthetic can create some magical impacts on the visitors.

Home Pages without Images

We are familiar with seeing Home Pages with more images and less text. But, what if you get a Home Page for your website without even a single photo? Yes, this is one of the latest website design trends in 2022. Designers are leaving images behind while creating the Home Page for their sites. They only use bold and exciting fonts, handwritten styles, design tricks, and user interfaces to develop more serious, professional, and intriguing pages. You can try other techniques like hover states, animations and interactive elements to fill up the space of images on your Home Page, which will give your website a unique appearance.

Start Working with Expert Website Designers

When you start working with experienced 2022 Web Design Trends in Worthing, you will more closely get to know these trends. At Nu Media Hub, we create mesmerising websites to give our clients a robust platform for online business. Our experienced and efficient website designers always follow the latest trends and create something unique for our clients.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our latest works in 2022.

How to Use Colours in Website Design: Know to Get Impressing Results

How to Use Colours in Website Design: Know to Get Impressing Results

Whether it is a small graphical presentation of your brand through PowerPoint Presentations or creating a digital banner for social media posts – the impact of the right colour scheme is crucial to promote your brand correctly. The same rule applies when you are designing and developing a website for your company. Professional website designers always pay much attention to colour schemes whenever they work on clients’ projects of website development and design.

An expert web design agency like Nu Media Hub will never let you down with its creative ideas and in-depth knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies. We always use colour palettes that can express your brand’s maximum potential to the visitors of your website in the best possible manner.

If you are unsure how to use the right colour combinations to promote your brand through an elegant and smart website, this blog might help you with some creative and relevant ideas.

What is a Website Colour Scheme?

When we say “website colour scheme”, what exactly do we mean? It is more important than just the colour of your logo or the fonts you use on your web pages. It encompasses every single colour you have used on your website to promote your brand, share information and keep your visitors engaged with your content. This includes;

A skilled web developer and design will use colours in all these sections with distinct strategies to create an overall impression of the brand, which must be positive and unique.

Why Are Website Colour Schemes Crucial?

Colours always have a deep and direct connection with human emotion and psychology. While setting the right colour palette for your website, you must not forget this connection. The pallet you use impacts the visitors of your website to set their perception about your products and services. This works in multiple ways which might not be directly visible but can be understandable by experienced and skilled website designers and developers.

The colour scheme of your website might be a key factor in determining how long visitors would stay on your web page and whether they wish to click that “Buy Now” button or not.

  • Brand Perception

Crating brand perception through a colour palette is an old practice of website design agencies in Surrey. Using the colour of your logo as the background of the website or for the texts can help in this process. It will help your audiences to create a strong and loyal perception of your brand whenever they visit the website.

  • Aesthetics

The role of colours in determining the aesthetics of your website is something needless to explain. The appearance of your website simply depends on the colours and layout of the same. Hence, you cannot ignore the significance of using the right colour scheme while designing a smart and relevant website for your brand.

  • Conversion

People visit a certain website for certain information or shopping love to see soothing colours around. While a website that offers music, videos or podcasts can use versatile colours and brightest colour schemes to match their theme, a brand that offers nursing and health care should go with something basic and sophisticated in terms of colour tones of the website. This has a huge impact on the conversion rate when you play right with colours on your website.

Important Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Colour Palette

Get Expert Advice from Top Web Design Agency in Surrey

Nu Media Hub has highly qualified and experienced web designers who can provide you with the right suggestions regarding colour schemes for your website as per your brand type and target audiences.

If you are not sure about the suitable colour schemes for your website, you can ask our team members for suggestions. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver them flawless solutions.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Social Media Management in Portsmouth and surroundings

Social Media Management in Portsmouth

Digital living has become a trend, with business owners willing to utilise social networks to promote their brands. Social networks now occupy a top rank in the list of the most popular ways to research brands. Though search engines are still top of the list, consumers use Social Media to analyse the brand they are interested in.

Consumers understand how Social Media platforms work, whether it’s researching on Facebook, reading reviews on Twitter, and checking out Instagram. Social Media Management in Portsmouth can be a bit time-consuming. However, outsourcing the task to a reliable company such as Nu Media Hub will put your mind at ease!

5 Tips To Make Social Media Management Easy

Pay Importance To Quality: Constantly updating content on Social Media platforms is not only important for your followers, but it creates engaging content. You need to share good quality and informative content that your readers will love, reshare, and retweet.

Find Friendly Content: A vital task is to find the right content to tweet and post. Most companies offering Social Media Management in Portsmouth use Social Media Management tools to help you out. All you need to do is select a keyword, and you will get alerts when content containing that keyword is posted online.

Understand Social Media Analytics: You have to understand and use Social Media analytics wisely to know the number of people viewing and engaging in your post. Analyse the data and proceed accordingly. If your focus is on expanding your brand by engaging your followers, keep track of the post engagement rate and URL clicks.

Know The Right Quantity: Though quality posts are vital, you should also know the correct quantity by analysing data. Publishing more tweets can enhance your engagement rate. You can expect to get more link clicks and enjoy more traffic to your website. Look for the topics trending in the industry and create your blog post accordingly.

Utilise The Scheduling Tools: If you post many times on the same day, managing your Social Media accounts and scheduling those posts can become challenging. You can use the scheduling tools if you want to save time and energy. They will let you auto-schedule your posts at an appropriate time when your account’s engagement rate is high.

4 Common Myths About Social Media Management 

“Your Company Should Be Present In All The Platforms.”  Your company doesn’t need to be on all Social Media platforms, significantly as some companies such as a PayRoll company would not benefit from having it. However, for most companies nowadays, it is advised to be present on all Social Media platforms because they constantly expand and get more popular.

“Only Youths Can Use Social Media.” One of the most common reasons companies fail to reap the benefits of Social Media Marketing is that they think that Social Media platforms are only for the youths. This is incorrect, and you will notice that people of all ages use Social Media since the Pandemic is influencing more people to join and stay connected with their friends and family.

“You Can Post Only During Weekdays.” One of the primary benefits of using Social Media platforms for advertising your goods and services is that you don’t have to schedule the posts during the weekdays. Numerous social media scheduling tools allow people to plan posts ahead of time. The primary benefit is enjoying your weekends and making the most of Social Media Marketing through weekend posts.

“Hashtags Are The Most Important Part Of Social Media Marketing.” Hashtags used to be the most important part of Instagram when it started. Though hashtags are still relevant, they are not necessary to grow a thriving network and benefit your business. The only function of hashtags is to encourage Social Media users to explore content that catches their eye. 

For Social Media Management in Portsmouth, contact Nu Media Hub and let the experts take over!

Know More About Web Design in Worthing Before Hiring a Web Designer

Know More About Web Design in Worthing Before Hiring a Web Designer

A good website design is an easy way to raise your customer base, showcase your work and gain higher value for your business. When someone visits your website, they should get the right first impression about your business. If you notice that your website has become unappealing and outdated, contact a reputable Web Design company such as Nu Media Hub.

4 Benefits Offered By A Responsive Web Design In Worthing

• Get More Mobile Traffic

You will be surprised to know that the top websites get most of their traffic from mobile devices. Companies have become necessary to have websites that their potential customers can view on a small screen without any distorted images. Instead of having a separate website version for mobile users, choose a responsive design, and your website will get better visibility at a lower price.

• Faster Mobile Development

Making a stand-alone mobile application is more time-consuming than making a responsive website. Time is money for every business owner, and developing a responsive website will help them save a lot of time. You also have to invest less to create a responsive website instead of two separate websites for computers and mobile.

• Less Maintenance

A responsive web design requires less maintenance as compared to traditional web design. It can help you save a lot of time in the long run. You don’t have to invest in additional testing and support. Web designers craft a responsive design using standardised testing methodologies to ensure the optimal layout of every screen. You don’t have to maintain two design teams, two content strategies, or two administrative interfaces.

• Fast Loading

Mobile users generally have short attention spans, so you need a responsive website that loads faster. Get in touch with a reputable company for responsive web design in Worthing. You don’t have to worry about your potential visitors abandoning your web pages because they take more than 3 seconds to load. Online visitors can also become frustrated if the site is hard to navigate.

3 Factors Which Impact The Cost Of Web Design In Horsham

• Components

Sometimes, web designing companies ask for a higher price than your expectations, as designing and implementing a web design is a complicated process. You might have to pay a higher fee for creating a website with 1 page than one with 7-8 pages. Web design cost largely depends on the components and features you want to include in your site. Some even require custom development, for which you need additional time and money.

• Skills Of The Designer

A vital thing to consider when choosing a web designer in Horsham is his skills. If you hire one offering the service at the lowest price, you might have to deal with inconsistent follow-through, faulty end product, and an unclear processor. Instead of hiring a web designer depending on their quote price, ensure he has the necessary skill level and experience. They should be capable of providing you with a comfortable user experience.

• How Organised You Are

You should have a clear idea about how you want the web design to be if you don’t want to change the structure and spend more than necessary. Some web designing companies ask for a higher price if they feel that you are not organised as a client or can’t provide complete information about the project you want them to handle. They will require more time to understand your project. They have to face fewer designing challenges if you are organised.

3 Qualities To Look For In A Web Designer In Horsham

• Experience

Look for a web designer with years of industry presence, as they know all the complications that might arise when designing a bespoke website and can handle those. They even consider the industry you are a part of before creating a site that suits your business needs.

• Techniques And Strategies

Since designing a company’s website is very complicated, ensure that the hired one has the knowledge required to craft effective techniques and strategies. Experienced web designers know what they are doing and can explain the designing techniques to their clients. The objective is to improve your site and generate more traffic.

• Affordable

Though numerous website designers are scattered all over Worthing, choose one offering the service at competitive prices. There are multiple factors on which the amount you have to pay for website designing depends. Consider your location and set a budget before you start looking for a designer, and you can narrow down your choices.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits offered by a responsive web design, consider the points stated above and get in touch with the web designers at Nu Media Hub.

Why Does Your Business Need a Web Designer?

Why Does Your Business Need a Web Designer?

  • Navigation

Making it easy for your audience to navigate through your website is one of the necessary aspects. You may have to keep the choices simple, which indicates keeping minimum options for the audience. A good designer will keep this in mind and only put options that are necessary for your business. This will make sure that it is easy for the user to choose between the options.

  • User-Friendliness

How the website looks, how user-friendly it is, determines how it will impact the user or the target audience. There are few things that a user visits your website for – to search the services or products you offer; you’re about section and your contact details.  A skilled designer’s job is to make all these things traceable for the visitor. This includes putting your products and services in the primary section or displaying your contact details on the top side of the home page.

  • Conversion

The skilled designer you choose to hire must find you the best strategies to increase your website’s conversion rate. Your website may include an attractive call for action buttons or clickable links that will land them to the designated page. One of the many things that need to be kept in mind is not to crowd the space around the action button or link. Crowding the area around will divert the attention of the visitor.

  • SEO

Moving forward from a website’s visuals, SEO has to be a significant aspect your designer gives priority to. SEO can break or make the actual purpose behind a well-designed website. Your website needs to be SEO friendly so that it ranks on the search engine. There lies the trickiest part; you need to make sure that you are not keyword stuffing your website. The right web designer will know how to keep the perfect balance between keyword stuffing and making your website SEO-friendly.

  • Compatibility

When you are building a website, you have to make sure that it is compatible with every device widely in use. You will not make the website accessible to smartphone users or tab users in particular. You must make your website compatible with every OS and device. You would have to put a great effort into making it mobile-friendly, as the users will be mostly visiting your website from a smartphone primarily.

  • Professionalism

Even though this is the last one on the list, it is equally essential for your website. You need to make sure that your website looks professional. This is why you will need a skilled website designer. There is a big chance that your visitors will not be browsing through your website if they sense an unprofessional approach. You have to make sure that the website is clean and not crowded with information.

Hire Nu Media Hub if you search for great website designers to attract potential clients for your business.

5 Simple Website Design Trends that You Should Follow

5 Simple Website Design Trends that You Should Follow

The field of website design observes constant transformation. Business houses should be aware of the latest trends that are ruling the industry right now.

To obtain an appealing website, you do not need to use something complex. A subtle and straightforward design can create a long-lasting effect on your viewers.

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Here are some simple website design trends that you should follow to attract your visitors.


Imperfect Hand-Drawn Designs: Instead of the perfect graphics, try some imperfect hand-drawn shapes to create integrity on your website. The simplicity of such designs touches the heart of the users more than those complex graphical illusions.

Dark Mode: To stand out from the crowd, you should use dark mode on your website. This is the latest web design trend that attracts more viewers than the traditional light mode layout. It offers higher visibility and makes the colour contrast soothing.

Simple 3D Elements: Using simple yet impressive 3D elements will make your website not only attractive but also unique. Websites that use such components can promote their ideas better to their potential customers.

High-Quality Photographs: No matter how many new technologies are around today, the impact of good quality photographs in the website designing industry will never fade. Use pictures with high resolution to impress your users.

Floating Elements: This is a simple technique of modern web design that has become very popular. Floating elements and shadows are the right way to express your innovative ideas. These techniques create layers that make the entire page look intriguing.

At Nu Media Hub, we apply all these techniques to create exclusive, impressive, and functional websites for our clients. Irrespective of their industry, our experts can design the perfect website for them. 

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