Vital Ideas to Boost the Development Process of Your Ecommerce Website

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Vital Ideas to Boost the Development Process of Your Ecommerce Website

Studies and surveys reveal that within a few years, almost 90% of purchases will be across the online portals. So, if you are seriously giving it a thought to set up an e-commerce business, this would be the best time to do so. First and foremost, you need to hire one of the best agencies offering the service of creating website design in Littlehampton you can share your ideas and plans and they will help you design your website to showcase your brand. Consult them and figure out precisely what are the factors that will help you achieve success. Meanwhile, apart from the website design here are some tips that would boost your business.

Identify Your Brand

This is the most crucial step. Find out what you want to sell. Selecting your brand will be a significant milestone achieved in the path of accomplishing your business. Once you decide on the products, you are going to sell; there’s no looking back.

Find Out Your Business Model

When it comes to selecting the nature of the business, then you have to choose between the B2B or B2C types. B2B means when you are dependent on another company for delivering or reselling your products. B2B, on the other hand, signifies your interest to sell your products to the customers directly. Making the perfect choice in this regard would be another step towards the success of your business.

Value Your Audience

It is important to be aware of your audience and potential customers.  Try and fulfil the needs of your targeted audience, and your business will be accepted at a faster rate.

Provide Your Business a Suitable Name

If your business has a befitting name, a lot of customers will be attracted to your website automatically. Simply because people are attracted to impressive identities, think of a name that is unique yet relatable. Try to come up with an original name that no one has ever used.

Get a Domain Name

Choosing the name of the site largely depends on the availability of the domain name. Register your domain name even before you start working on building up your business. It will be more fruitful if you do it in the initial stages of your business than to delay it.

Perfect Branding

Branding can do a lot for your business. Choosing a reputable agency for website design in Littlehampton plays an essential role to set up creative designs that set the base for your brand. The trust and feel of the customer base begins with the exposure of the brand on a large scale.

So, these tips will undoubtedly help you to grow your eCommerce business. Work on these steps, and you will soon be able to see your business flourish.

4 Biggest Web Design Trends in 2020

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8 Essentials to Accomplish Content Marketing Strategies Bearing Inspiring Results

Website design is one of those industries that are continually changing. The evolution in the designing ideas and technologies make the website designers able to try a new concept and apply their creative skill in a whole new manner. The job of companies that provide web design in Littlehampton becomes more challenging.

Over time, the industry has witnessed a lot of trends. Some of them have won the hearts of the billions, and some failed completely. Here we will discuss the four innovative website designing trends that are ruling the current year.

Most Creative and Eye-Catchy Website Design Trends in 2020

Dark Mode: This particular type not only looks ultra-modern, but they help you to play with various colours and design layouts. It is aesthetically, beautiful and intriguing.

Hand-Drawn Icons: The use of hand-drawn icons on your webpage makes it more alluring and smarter than the traditional web pages. People find those hand-drawn texts, icons or designs highly interesting. Visitors would love to spend time to see how those texts or icons are written and places on the pages which automatically reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Use of 3D Elements: The careful, impressive and smart use of 3D elements make your website more presentable to the audiences. These visuals delight people by triggering their power of imagination.

Mixing of Photography and Graphics: Websites that can showcase the perfect mixing of photography and graphics win the heart of the visitors. This trend looks styling and attractive too. Your creativity will go wild, and people would love to explore more about your business.

You need the support of a brilliant team of website design in Littlehampton to get things done in their proper manner. Choose the company that has complete knowledge about these trends and capable of executing them rightly as per your requirements and budget.

Top Monitoring Sites to Ace the Social Media Game

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Top Monitoring Sites to Ace the Social Media Game

Digital marketing has been skyrocketing since the turn of the decade. More companies have invested funds on it and not on the traditional marketing strategies. Social media have taken a significant part of this digital sphere. The right approach to social media marketing in Worthing can take your business to the next level. Strategies can’t be made out of thin air. A lot of analysis has to be done before formulating one. Thus, the campaign won’t end up doing more harm than good. Here are some of the top sites that will help you keep an eye on your social media insights. You won’t have to analyse your pages all day as well.

6 Sites to Keep Track of the Social Media Performance

Hootsuite: One of the top contenders in the social media monitoring sites. This site keeps track of multiple social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and WordPress. It lets you launch social media campaigns, monitor engagement, schedule posts and has powerful analytical tools all at one place. This has a free plan if you are not sure about it at first, which makes it a brilliant choice to start with.

Keyhole: Another site that has been ruling charts; this site is meant for tracking the progress of Twitter and Instagram. This also allows automation of posts and lets you keep a track on the keywords and hashtags. This site is primarily known for its powerful analytics like sentiment analysis, mention maps and keyword clouds. The premium feature also gives you access to know about the best influencers in the industry.

Brandwatch: This is one of the most expensive social media monitoring sites. It is aimed at enterprises and larger corporations. It is equipped with some of the best features for social media management and analysis like image recognition, API access and also provides demographic data by pooling resources. The site is also known to give insights on trending topics.

Sprout Social: It is quite similar to Hootsuite, but it has two sections directed towards fulfilling two functions of social monitoring and engagement analysis. It performs useful keyword searches even when someone doesn’t directly tag your brand. The engagement analysis is known to be very useful for targeting the loopholes in the engagement strategies and improving it. If you have a team working on the campaign, the site allows accessible connecting opportunities, for optimum work experience.

Google alerts: For small or medium businesses, the basics are more than enough for starting. It is effortless to set up and helps you discover new content that would help your establishment and also keep a track on your competitors. It isn’t as complicated as the other ones of the list and can be handled with ease by a single person in a fair amount of time.

Buzzsumo: Content plays a significant role in digital marketing, and this tool is specially designed to improve the content that will be fed into the algorithm. It not only helps in content research and development, but it also analyses how your Facebook posts are doing to determine the kind of content that is working the best as compared to others. The site also suggests the optimal time of posting and the average length of the post, to help content perform better.

Armed with the knowledge gained by the analytics and data from the monitored sites, social media marketing in Worthing can be way more comfortable and practical than it is often given credit for. And the best part of all this is, you can measure the growth of the campaigns rather than making ambiguous predictions.

A Brief on the Web Design Trends to Rule in the Year 2020

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A Brief on the Web Design Trends to Rule in the Year 2020

As the digital marketing domain is continually developing, the need for web development is also increasing. These call for fresh and innovative ideas for web designing. The design trends are ever-changing. In 2020, new possibilities have emerged in terms of technicalities. The designers are indulging in experimentation with new techniques, reinventing the styles prevailing in the past and playing with extremes. There are a few styles, which continue to rule, such as colourful, flat illustrations and minimalism. Now you must be wondering, what are the design trends that are going to rock in 2020? Here are a few essential picks based on the knowledge of some of the professional web designers from the well-known firms offering the service of web design in Arundel.

Top 6 Innovative Web Design Trends to Prevail in the Year 2020

Dark Designs: One of the principal trends in 2020 happens to be the dark mode. The designers are focusing on the UI designs to offer an option to the user to enable the dark theme. The dark backgrounds enhance the design elements and make them more vivid. They improve the ergonomics of design by reducing the level of eye strains. As different colours are used, the contrast ratio gets high. In other words, they make the models look ultra-modern and easy.

Attributing Personality with Imperfections: Hand-drawn design with imperfection put forth an element of emotion in the presentation. They assign a positive vibe to the brand’s personality. So, purposefully added messy design would help the representation stand out more.

Immersive 3D Elements: Designers will have more space to use 3D technology to be induced in graphic and interaction design. The hyper-realistic 3D models are cost-efficient and will encourage users to stay longer on your website. They create an advantage both for visuals and UX experience.

Layers, Soft Shadows, and Floating Elements: Soft shadows are the essential elements to add a pseudo-3D effect to the design. It adds depth, interest, and an extra pizzazz. It also makes the layers and the floating elements more prominent.

A Blend of Graphics and Photography: Creating a mix of graphics and illustrations with real-time photography is in at present. They overlap one another and create memorable visuals. They let your creativity go wild and attribute an element of versatility in the design. Thus, your branding effort gets a personalised touch, and your website stands out from the crowd.

Solid Frames with White Space: A website tends to pop out more when the images come framed.  Now the designs are gravitating more to solid structures with a lot of white space or for the matter of fact any solid coloured space. Thus, they are steering away from the trendier parallax designs and full-bleed layouts. The solid structure gives a neat and clean look to the website by separating all the relevant sections in the page effectively.

Nu Media Hub is a coming up digital marketing firm offering the service of web design in Arundel. The designing geeks in their team are simultaneously looking for design inspirations to the past and future. So, if you are searching for a multitude of contemporary web design, get in touch with them to explore unique surprises.

6 Instagram Marketing Tips You Must Follow If You Want Your Business to Flourish

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6 Instagram Marketing Tips You Must Follow If You Want Your Business to Flourish

Today, social media platforms are being extensively used for purposes other than just socialising. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms at present. Currently, it is the 4th most popular mobile app worldwide. The significant benefits of using a social media platform like Instagram for effective marketing are:

  • Easy to generate brand awareness
  • Better customer loyalty and retention
  • Better rankings on popular search engines
  • A higher number of customers due to organic traffic
  • More specific customer targeting

Proper utilisation of this app can help your business become profitable in a short time. Organisations and individuals can successfully promote and market their products and services online. So, if you are new to using the platform for your business, here are six invaluable Instagram marketing tips for you:

Choose a business profile on Instagram

Choosing a business profile for your business over a personal account is more beneficial. It gives a more professional look to your company handle on Instagram. Further more , it makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you directly via Instagram. You also have the freedom to create as well as publish creative Instagram ads for your brand without any help from Facebook advertising tools.

Locate the correct customer base

Choosing the desired target customer group for your products and services is crucial. With almost 700 million individuals using Instagram daily, you have a better outreach. So, you can explore the existing communities and groups within this robust social media platform. Accordingly, you can zero in on your desired customer base for better client conversion.

Show restraint while marketing your brand.

It is vital to publish unique and relevant content about your brand on Instagram daily. This keeps your clients invested in your brand, and they can be aware of your latest products. However, be careful not to flood their newsfeeds with unnecessary and relentless posting. This can irritate customers instead of having a positive impact. So, test various posting schedules on Instagram, identify the best one according to your company profile and use it.

Interaction is the key.

The personal touch of Instagram as a social media platform is what makes it such a great marketing tool. Make sure that you utilise this to the best of your abilities. It is critical to interact with customers and keep an open line of communication. This way, the customers can identify with your brand better and be more inclined to be associated with it. Using interactive Instagram stories, replying to client messages and holding live sessions on Instagram can be useful marketing tools.

Make use of the hashtag feature.

The hashtag feature on Instagram can be extremely beneficial for your business when used judiciously. Relevant hashtags can increase your outreach and maximise the exposure of your brand to customers. The key to using hashtags well is to focus on the quality of hashtags and not the quantity. Using a small number of well-directed hashtags for your content can promote your brand across various Instagram communities.

Do not be afraid to use cross-platform marketing.

To ensure that the maximum number of interested customers are aware of your brand, establish your presence over various social media platforms. You can start by marketing your products on Instagram and expand to other platforms from thereon or vice versa. Cross-platform marketing across Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn can multiply your outreach and let your clients be aware of your posts everywhere.

So, if you are looking to take your business to the next level, proper use of Instagram marketing tips can be extremely handy. With dedicated and creative Instagram posts, your brand will take the world by storm.

Three reasons social media engagement is essential to your business

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Three reasons social media engagement is essential to your business

In 2020, your customers tend to spend more time on their phones. They keep scrolling through the never-ending social media feed. The social media marketing in Worthing ranking is at an all-time high. So, it is essential to choose the business-boosting factors wisely. It would be a fatal mistake to not invest in outreach over social media.

Why is it high time to focus on social media engagement?

It makes your business public

Your social media existence is the face you show to the public – it is the irrefutable truth despite whatever arguments. The number of follows on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account is already an evident proof of your fan-base to any new prospective client. Moreover, what you present to your followers or the manner of your interaction is vital for the world to see and judge on social media platforms. If done wisely, it can help you garner a significant amount of virtual goodwill that can transform into leads. 

It is cost and time effective

Marketing through social media is much more economical than any traditional methods. In the time and money you can set up a hoarding or print out flyers for a thousand customers, you will probably be halfway through a business transaction with social media engagement. Although there are paid options for further reach on the platforms, even without them you can hit a vast scope free of cost and in a single click.

Collateral brand awareness

Over and above what you are doing to boost your brand, anyone else liking or talking about it also indirectly helps you. As this is a great way, their followers get to know about your company. Moreover, you can offer incentives to customers, as a 10% discount for a post and tag, so that it is a win-win situation.

Nu Media Hub is a pioneer name in social media marketing in worthing. They offer results-driven, goal-oriented and customised digital marketing strategies to push your business towards its optimum potential.

So if you are still not exploiting the opportunity and tapping into your customer’s attention while they are at the scrolling, you are probably missing out on business.

4 Ways SEO Services In Arundel Can Benefit Small Businesses

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4 Ways SEO Services In Arundel Can Benefit Small Businesses

Every business owner wants a website which is not only robust, fast and user-friendly but also attains a high rank in the search engines. It is necessary for both small and large businesses willing to attract more qualified customers to their sites and increase conversion rates. If you don’t have much knowledge about search engine optimisation, get in touch with a reputed company offering the service.

They know how to build brand awareness for your business and attain a first page rank on the search engine result pages. According to a survey conducted a few years back, SEO is more important for small business owners as their focus is primarily on building a strong online presence of their brand. Gaining new customers for their business becomes easier if they can outshine their peers.

Few Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit Through SEO In Arundel

  • The Website Becomes User-Friendly

Since retaining potential customers on your website becomes easier if it is user-friendly, look for an experienced SEO company. They know how to create smooth, user-friendly and fast websites which suits your business needs and budgets. Though the focus of SEO is on improving user-experience, professionals offering the service ensures that your site is well-structured, uncluttered and clean. It is necessary if you want to decrease the bounce rate by compelling online visitors to stay longer.

  • Attract More Customers

Your company’s website is the medium through which you can outshine your peers and increase your customer base. Attracting more customers becomes easier if you can craft effective marketing strategies. You will be surprised to know that a business can grow faster and get more customers if it has an SEO optimised website. Experienced SEO experts know how to create marketing strategies which are both efficient and affordable.

  • Outshine Your Competitors

Since an SEO-optimised website offers numerous benefits, the focus of everyone running a small business is on outshining their peers. It almost becomes a necessity if you are both from the same industry and selling similar products. If you are willing to make the most of SEO in Arundel, choose an experienced company offering the service. Their experts know the various features of an SEO optimised website.

  • Enjoy Better Conversion Rates

You can enjoy better conversion rates if your website is responsive and SEO optimised. It will load faster and display properly in every device, irrespective of it being a tablet or smartphone. These sites are even easy to read and navigate so you can hold the attention of your online visitors and convert them into potential customers. They can easily find what they are looking for.

Since you now know the various ways SEO services can benefit small businesses, it’s time you start looking for an experienced company offering the service in Arundel.

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Brand In The Long Run?

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How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Brand In The Long Run?

With the advent of technology, today’s world runs entirely on social media. If you are not on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, you are missing out on what the world is doing at every second. As a result, brands are increasingly choosing social media marketing to boost their image.

Social media marketing has made it a tad easier to enhance the recognition of your brand. It creates a great deal of exposure for the company and with negligible expenditure. Social media marketing also drives your traffic and sales to a great extent. It is a time-efficient process as it hardly takes a few hours a week to generate high ROI. The various social media platforms help in multiple ways to accelerate business growth. That’s the reason marketers utilise them to full potential by using innovative tools and tactics.  Here is an attempt to explain the benefits put forth by social media to market your business. This will no doubt eliminate all your confusion as you proceed with an idea of implementing social media marketing in worthing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to promoting your brand, services, and products via regular posts on various social media channels. Several firms undertake social media marketing in Worthing and other parts of England. This form of marketing helps you to get your products across to the relevant customer base at a minimum cost.

What are the advantages of social media marketing?

Social media marketing in Worthing and neighbouring areas can be extremely beneficial to your brand in the following ways:

  • More publicity for your brand
  • Better and organic traffic for your website
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Bette brand loyalty
  • Reduced cost
  • Broader customer outreach

So, if you are looking for a reliable and competent company dealing in social media marketing in Worthing , Nu Media can be the perfect fit for you. They handle online marketing for brands via social media platforms using unique and innovative marketing strategies. Social media marketing facilitates a one-to-one interaction with your customers. This enhances the loyalty element in the customer. This is a reason for the customer to spend more time with you. The collaboration gets longer. The loyal clientele circulates your entity among their friends and acquaintances. Hence, your brand gets popular. There lies the effectiveness of social media. Try it out for yourself!

4 Signs You Have Chosen The Right SEO Company In Surrey

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4 Signs You Have Chosen The Right SEO Company In Surrey

Approaching a company for SEO services is a monthly investment so choosing the right company is a must. You can rest assured that you have made the right investment if their services are working and your organisation can benefit from it. Since SEO is more complicated than you think, assessing the worth of a program is indeed a daunting task. If you are not sure whether their SEO program is working or not, look for signs indicating that you have chosen the right SEO Company. Even if the program is successful, there should be some room for improvement.

Few Signs Indicating That You Have Approached The Right SEO Company In Surrey

  • Progressing Towards Your SEO Goals

Though achieving SEO goals is more time-consuming than you think, the right company will help you progress towards your goals. Don’t get confused because of those statistics and metrics of website performance. Know your business goals and review those. The business goals of one company differ from another. While some want to generate more leads through their website, another company might want to use SEO services for selling their products.

  • Website Is Improving

The primary objective of SEO services is to improve the performance of a website. You will know that your website is improving when the user experience improves and the search engine bots crawling your site are performing the way you want. Few tactics included in on-site SEO are infusing keywords, content creation, editing and resizing images, updating headings and subheadings, adjusting metadata and interlinking, among others.

  • Key Metrics Are Showing Good Results

You can assess the progress of your SEO program by reviewing website statistics. If your SEO Company in Surrey is using Google Analytics, you can take the statistics under consideration. Just make sure you don’t put your entire trust on one metric as SEO is quite complicated. Rely on a holistic perspective when using metrics to determine the success of your SEO program.

  • Organic Traffic

A website receives a wide variety of traffic like social media traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, paid search traffic and direct traffic. Your focus should be on organic traffic is you have implemented an SEO program. You can expect your organic traffic to grow if your SEO program is working. SEO experts use it as an indicator as they know that on-site SEO efforts take time to impact the traffic.

Ready To Change?

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you have chosen the right SEO Company, start looking for a more experienced company if your current SEO program is not working. Look for one who has a track record of implementing successful SEO programs for numerous clients.

Choose the Right SEO Company to Make a Mark for your Business

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Choose the Right SEO Company to Make a Mark for your Business

Choosing the right SEO company can make a world of difference to your online business. You can hire SEO professionals from a reputable SEO company or go for an individual expert. There are plenty of confusions that might arise during the hiring process. It is good to remain aware of the significant mistakes while selecting the best SEO Company or specialist.

There is one major hurdle that makes businesses choose the wrong SEO path. Your intention might be that of securing maximum backlinks and feeding web content with keyword stuffing. These were roaring practices among the SEO agencies a few years back. In course of time, search engines have changed their search algorithms. Hence, new SEO strategies have surfaced in the scheme of SEO measures.

Backlinks, keyword stuffing, domain authority are no more top ranking factors. Focus is more on good content and user-friendliness of the site. Geo-targeting of websites has become significant because there are countless businesses which are confined to brick and mortar outlets in a specific geographical region. Besides web optimisation, mobile SEO has become an essential tool for digital marketing.

In the world of rapidly developing digital landscape, it is essential to explore all the avenues of optimising your business.

The Important Steps You Need to Follow while Hiring an SEO Agency

What is your business motive? You need to figure out the goals before you go for the hiring process.

A roadmap has been shown here, which is sure to enlighten you in making the right hire:

  • Step 1:Discuss the business goals with essential people in your organization. Your reasonable SEO goals should stem out from specific noble intentions. They include earning organic traffic via good referrals and social groups, enhancing financial revenue, and maintaining a positive brand image. The motive should never be finding ways to beat rivals for specific keywords or phrases.

  • Step 2:Jot down the names of 4 to 5 good SEO companies or consultants. Make a comparative analysis to select the most suitable one. Go for personal recommendations or trust the authority suggestions of the industry insiders. Hire the experienced ones to maximize the effort and result.

  • Step 3:Check out the services. Ideally, you should hire a company providing web SEO and mobile SEO.

  • Step 4: An excellent way to hire the best company is to ensure how well they rank for themselves (for targeted keywords) on search engines. A company who can rank themselves high on the search engine map as the best SEO company can work the same magic for you.

  • Step 5: Price matters because SEO is a long marathon. You need to hire an agency or a consultant whose charge is well under the range of your SEO budget. It is ideal to go for a contract scheme. In case of dissatisfaction, you can switch to a new agency/ consultant.

Make a Wise Decision – Get Max ROI with SEO Efforts

SEO can be the driving factor for your business. Exercise wisdom and choose an SEO company which values work ethics and stay away from malpractices of the industry. Nobody can dupe search engines with Black Hat SEO under the strict vigilance guarded by search engine algorithm updates.

It is advisable to choose experienced professionals in the industry because they stick to the best SEO policies that make your website score on SERP. They monitor the site performance frequently to tweak and improve SEO strategies if required.

Drive web traffic, get new customers, initiate new sales and get the best ROI for all SEO investment you make on your business.

Nu Media Hub, a leading UK based creative design agency, can be the best choice for SEO services. This agency also caters to website designing services, eCommerce services, SMM, and several other services.