Why Does Your Business Need a Web Designer?

Why Does Your Business Need a Web Designer?

  • Navigation

Making it easy for your audience to navigate through your website is one of the necessary aspects. You may have to keep the choices simple, which indicates keeping minimum options for the audience. A good designer will keep this in mind and only put options that are necessary for your business. This will make sure that it is easy for the user to choose between the options.

  • User-Friendliness

How the website looks, how user-friendly it is, determines how it will impact the user or the target audience. There are few things that a user visits your website for – to search the services or products you offer; you’re about section and your contact details.  A skilled designer’s job is to make all these things traceable for the visitor. This includes putting your products and services in the primary section or displaying your contact details on the top side of the home page.

  • Conversion

The skilled designer you choose to hire must find you the best strategies to increase your website’s conversion rate. Your website may include an attractive call for action buttons or clickable links that will land them to the designated page. One of the many things that need to be kept in mind is not to crowd the space around the action button or link. Crowding the area around will divert the attention of the visitor.

  • SEO

Moving forward from a website’s visuals, SEO has to be a significant aspect your designer gives priority to. SEO can break or make the actual purpose behind a well-designed website. Your website needs to be SEO friendly so that it ranks on the search engine. There lies the trickiest part; you need to make sure that you are not keyword stuffing your website. The right web designer will know how to keep the perfect balance between keyword stuffing and making your website SEO-friendly.

  • Compatibility

When you are building a website, you have to make sure that it is compatible with every device widely in use. You will not make the website accessible to smartphone users or tab users in particular. You must make your website compatible with every OS and device. You would have to put a great effort into making it mobile-friendly, as the users will be mostly visiting your website from a smartphone primarily.

  • Professionalism

Even though this is the last one on the list, it is equally essential for your website. You need to make sure that your website looks professional. This is why you will need a skilled website designer. There is a big chance that your visitors will not be browsing through your website if they sense an unprofessional approach. You have to make sure that the website is clean and not crowded with information.

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5 Simple Website Design Trends that You Should Follow

5 Simple Website Design Trends that You Should Follow

The field of website design observes constant transformation. Business houses should be aware of the latest trends that are ruling the industry right now.

To obtain an appealing website, you do not need to use something complex. A subtle and straightforward design can create a long-lasting effect on your viewers.

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Here are some simple website design trends that you should follow to attract your visitors.


Imperfect Hand-Drawn Designs: Instead of the perfect graphics, try some imperfect hand-drawn shapes to create integrity on your website. The simplicity of such designs touches the heart of the users more than those complex graphical illusions.

Dark Mode: To stand out from the crowd, you should use dark mode on your website. This is the latest web design trend that attracts more viewers than the traditional light mode layout. It offers higher visibility and makes the colour contrast soothing.

Simple 3D Elements: Using simple yet impressive 3D elements will make your website not only attractive but also unique. Websites that use such components can promote their ideas better to their potential customers.

High-Quality Photographs: No matter how many new technologies are around today, the impact of good quality photographs in the website designing industry will never fade. Use pictures with high resolution to impress your users.

Floating Elements: This is a simple technique of modern web design that has become very popular. Floating elements and shadows are the right way to express your innovative ideas. These techniques create layers that make the entire page look intriguing.

At Nu Media Hub, we apply all these techniques to create exclusive, impressive, and functional websites for our clients. Irrespective of their industry, our experts can design the perfect website for them. 

If you wish to get all the details about our website designing solutions, kindly contact us.

Why Social Media Management is Essential for Start-ups?

Why Social Media Management is Essential for Start-ups?

Since the latest smartphones have become a trusted medium of seeing, trying, buying, paying, receiving, and sharing products and services, the significance of social media becomes obvious too.

The role of social media in determining the success graph of start-ups is increasing. In fact, all the start-ups and well-established business houses try to implement new and safe social media management strategies to get lucrative results.

What is the Use of Social Media?

  • Social media is a great place to stay connected with people from all over the world.
  • It helps you to share your brand and business with your target audiences.
  • You can stay updated about your competitors’ growth, views, latest products, and strategies.
  • It makes you aware of the current trends in business, which will be useful for your industry.
  • Social media platforms are also used to share content related to your products, services, and company.
  • You can use social media platforms to promote and sell your products and services in a wider manner.

Why Is It Useful for Start-Ups?

Be it a well-established company or a blooming brand; social media management strategies can help both in achieving their goals. However, social media can be the most useful platform for a start-up business to promote their brand, sell their products, and stay connected with their target buyers.

It offers a bunch of benefits that include;

  1. Regular and uninterrupted communication with buyers and potential customers.
  2. Excellent scope of networking to develop the brand. 
  3. Increase the visibility of the business, website, and brand through regular posts on social media platforms.
  4. Immediate and authentic feedback from the clients directly on your social media profiles.
  5. Creation of robust brand awareness to make people feel confident about buying your products

It is hard work to earn a good reputation on social media platforms, but it is easy to lose it. You need to hire a reliable and experienced social media management experts to ensure a strong and long-lasting reputation for your business.

Nu Media Hub is ready to offer high-class social media management solutions with their unique packages to suit your needs. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Latest Trends of Web Design in 2021

Latest Trends of Web Design in 2021

The web design trends are mainly based on technology, but they tend to develop an eclectic range of themes, ideas, fantasies, and functionalities. Here is an overview of the prime trends in website design that will rule the year 2021. The hi-tech design trends will take the visitors’ experience browsing the website to a new realm of realism. Digital and ordinary will blend like never before to make the websites part and parcel of everyday life.  If you are looking for affordable web design in Surrey, then the trends mentioned below will breathe life into the digital dimension.

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Web Design Trends That’s Going to Make It Big in 2021

  1. Parallax Animation

It’s been quite some time you have witnessed the prevalence of the web-based animation trends year on year. You can reasonably assume that the animation approach will get more complicated as the background and foreground extremes’ page elements get separated. This will eventually give rise to the parallax effect.

  1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism is the design trend that imitates physicality with the aid of selective drop shadows overlaid with partly-flat colours. This style succeeds in skeuomorphism’s design tactics, which renders familiar, outdated materials into current designs. In 2021 it will guide the website design domain towards the paradox of minimalist realism. Simple, colours, icons, and flat designs constitute the main elements of this design scheme.

  1. Abstract Compositions

Abstract geometric shapes like circles and squares will also be instrumental in offering a minimalist and straightforward representation. It might have a restrictive impact as well, and expert web designers will incorporate it as a sprawling, complex composition offering the expected artistic freedom.

  1. Soothing Colours

The world gets a little more digital every day; it is evident that people spend most of their time on the computer and they end up straining their eyes by staring long at the screens. So, the colour composition of the website design should be comfortable with the senses. The website designers are focusing more colour schemes easier on the eyes. This is another crucial design trend for the year 2021.

There is much more to these design trends. Constant experimentations are going on to find out the most unique and futuristic trends that will stay for long. Nu Media Hub is a well-known web design company actively working towards bringing about the revolution in the website design domain.

Why pay for a bespoke website, rather than using a website builder?

Why pay for a bespoke website, rather than using a website builder?

Living in the digital world comes with its own set of pros and cons. Businesses are now required to have an online presence to gain an edge over their competitors. With new companies emerging every day, it is essential to have a stronghold in your market with Bespoke Website.

A badly-designed website will make visitors exit the page even before they glance at your products or services. Often small or medium-sized businesses are tempted to choose a website builder instead of bespoke website designs. However, if you wish to get better lead conversions, choose a custom website design in West Sussex. 

What is a Custom Build/Bespoke Website?

A bespoke website is specifically built, keeping your business objectives and values in mind. Custom website developers will code your website thoroughly to deliver a unique design. Bespoke websites offer unlimited options in design, UI/UX, accessibility, navigation, and functionality.

You can speak to your web design team and seek recommendations on user experience and usability.  Website designers have specialised knowledge to help businesses achieve their goals quickly. They will boost your purchase rate, phone calls, or lead generation.

Bespoke websites boost user experience by improving –

  • Website navigation
  • Hierarchy and structure
  • Call-to-action points like forms and buttons
  • Website interactivity

Bespoke Website vs Website Builder

Website builders will provide you with a pre-designed site template for your brand. These templates cost less than bespoke site which often tempt businesses to choose. However, such websites are built with a vision of one-size-fits-all, which may alter your business’s image. Template websites designed by website builders come with limited to zero scopes of customisation.

Thousand other websites will be using the same website template as your business. Your business will fail to voice its uniqueness and values to the customers. The coding of such templates often integrates many features that will result in a greater loading time. You will also have limited control over your website settings and functionalities.

Website builders often fail to offer complete technical support as the templates are built by third parties. Some templates may also have integration or functionality issues which can do significant damage to your business. However, these problems are solved by choosing a website design. A custom website comes with benefits including –

  • It allows you to implement future changes and expansion to your website seamlessly.
  • It allows you to create a robust online presence with no limitations.
  • Custom coding features allow you to have complete control over your website’s performance and functionality.
  • Web developers will offer full technical support to ensure seamless integration of all systems.

To survive in the fiercely competitive online-business world, you need to highlight your business values,  products and services along with your unique offerings. Nu Media Hub offers bespoke website design in West Sussexfulfilling your goals. They will regularly upgrade your site and offer complete technical support. Gain more organic traffic and ROI by working with Nu Media Hub.

For more details about our services call – 01243974490

4 Ways A Branding Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

4 Ways A Branding Agency Can Help Your Business Grow

A branding agency shoulders the responsibility of growing a business with proper research, strategy, analysis, branding and promotion of products. They understand your business needs and share creative and innovative ideas. They provide integrated services with strategic planning. If you want to take the aid of a branding agency, know the various ways they can help your business grow.

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Few Ways A Branding Agency In Portsmouth Can Help Your Business Grow

  • Marketing Strategy

Unless you have an effective marketing strategy, growing your business can become chaotic and lead to unpredictable results. According to a survey conducted recently, almost 30% of business owners fail to craft a strategy which can meet their business goals without exceeding their budget. If you don’t want to become one of them, get in touch with a full-service branding agency, and their experts will help you implement a guiding strategy.

  • Brand Identity

No business owner can ignore the importance of brand identity as it is the visual representation of the personality and values of a brand. Experienced marketers at the branding agencies know the various ways brand identity can use to differentiate your business from your competitors. They will look after how your business sounds and how the website looks. Your brand strategy will become the driving force your business needs.

  • Professional Web Design

Not only will a branding agency develop a professional design for your website but also manage it. It might become a challenge for you to survive in this competitive business world with a generic website. Your customers and potential clients will love a website which is easy to navigate and can answer all their queries quickly. Instead of relying on online tutorials, let expert web designers design a visually appealing and functional site. They use the latest technology to ensure peak performance of your website.

  • Content Creation

Content writing is one of the few services offered by almost every branding agency in Portsmouth. The primary objective of content creation is to generate buzz about your business. Few common forms of content writing are infographics, white papers, blog posts, e-books and social media content. Content marketing has helped hundreds of business owners build a brand relationship online. Dedicated branding agencies can help you craft a suitable content marketing program.

Since a renowned branding agency like NU Media Hub can help your business grow in so many ways, it’s time you get in touch with their experts.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Branding Agency?

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Branding Agency?

Launching a new brand in the current market can be an overwhelming experience. Apart from the huge work pressure, you have to deal with the stress of creating brand recognition and brand reputation. Creating a new visual identity becomes mandatory to make your target audiences aware of your brand. To carry out all these jobs seamlessly, you need the support of an efficient and skilled branding agency.

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What is Branding?

Branding is a process of creating an exclusive image and name for a product in the mind of target consumers. Advertising is the chief technique of doing so. From logo to website and from social media presence to advertising – everything that you do with an intention to achieve people’s attention is called branding. Your branding has to be unique, original, attractive and relevant.

What Can Branding Agencies Do for Your Company?

Reliable and experienced branding agencies try to set different promotional strategies for their individual clients to make their brands popular. They apply different techniques for different clients based on their:

  1. Business goals
  2. Target customers
  3. Product type
  4. Budget

The branding techniques that are applicable or effective for a cement manufacturing company in Kenya will not be useful for a cosmetics brand located in the UK. Different brands need different marketing strategies for the right branding.

Benefits of Hiring Branding Agency

  • Fresh Outlook

Experienced branding agencies work with multiple companies and clients. You can expect to get a fresh outlook on marketing strategies and branding trends from them. They are unbiased since they work individually and you can trust their points of view.

  • Excellent Access to Knowledge

Top branding agencies have highly-talented and experienced branding experts in their teams. You can get better access to knowledge of these experts regarding the modern ideas and techniques of branding which may not find otherwise. They always stay up-to-date so that their clients can achieve goals quickly.

  • Effective ROI

Hiring a professional branding agency always ensures an effective return on investment. They follow a systematic approach and work with sincerity. These experts aim to promote your business to help you in achieving your goals within the shortest possible time. 

At Nu Media Hub, we offer complete branding of products and services; irrespective of their industry type. We have modern tools, experienced branding experts and the ability to understand clients’ requirements.

For more information, kindly get in touch with us.

Pros and Cons of Choosing an E-Commerce Business Model

Pros and Cons of Choosing an E-Commerce Business Model

A large section of the global population has gone online today. People are able to fulfil their needs to socialise and shop over the internet. As a result, e-commerce has emerged as a growing market for all types of businesses. Hundreds of companies choose e-commerce website design in Sussex. Like any other modes of enterprise, e-commerce also has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of an e-commerce business

Having an online e-commerce business comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bigger target audience: You can only access a limited number of consumers from physical stores. However, having an e-commerce portal allows you to gain access to a more significant customer pool. People can visit your website from anywhere at any time.
  • Better analysis: It is crucial to keep track of consumer footfall and preferences. You can do so easily by taking your website online. Intelligent business analytics tools can be used to boost your profitability.
  • Ease of marketing: A good e-commerce website design in Sussex can make use of marketing tools like content marketing, blogs, and audio-visual tools to promote and sell your products.

Disadvantages of an e-commerce business

However, no business model comes without its share of downfalls. Here are a few disadvantages of taking your business online:

  • No personal touch: Often, online shopping can become robotic. A lack of personalisation can dampen customer experience. Further, your customer has access to a wide range of similar products and services. So, you do not get the chance to form a customised impression on your customer and may lose out on business.
  • Lack of internet availability: To access e-commerce portals, your customers need the internet. While online portals can rake in business for you, it might also rob you of clients who do not have internet connectivity.

Choose as per your needs

It is essential to decide whether or not you need the e-commerce model based on your business needs. Once you choose to develop an online presence for your company, you must focus on creating a robust e-commerce website or portal for your goods and services.

If you are looking for a high-functioning e-commerce website design in SussexNu Media Hub can help you. They offer a wide range of e-commerce portal development services. Their solutions are available for all types of businesses at budget-friendly prices.

For more details about our services call – 01243974490

Significant Advantages of E-Commerce Business in 2021

Significant Advantages of E-Commerce Business in 2021

E-Commerce has emerged as the latest way for people to shop. Whatever the commodity might be, everything is available online. If you own a business, you might be missing out on potential customers if you do not have an e-commerce presence. Here are the significant advantages of having e-commerce websites in Surrey for your business to flourish in 2021

Better customer experience

Customers are the key to the success of any business. E-commerce portals offer a better shopping experience for your precious customers. They can browse through a large variety of products with the click of a few buttons. With physical stores, there are specific opening and closing hours. However, a smooth e-commerce website design in Surrey allows your customers to order from you anytime, anywhere. Better user experience leads your customers to choose your business over your competitors.

 Ease of marketing and advertising

E-commerce makes it easier for you to promote and market your business. You no longer have to rely on traditional forms of marketing. E-commerce marketing initiatives are relatively easier on your pocket and far more effective. It can include mechanisms like:

  • SEO Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing

There is no limitation when it comes to gaining reach and lead generation. Hence, the profitability is much more for your business with e-commerce websites in Surrey in 2021.

 Flexible modes of payment

With a dedicated e-commerce portal, you can offer your customers a variety of payment options. It can be e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, or cash on delivery, but your customer will have the freedom to choose his or her preferred mode of payment. E-commerce portals also offer secure payment gateways. This ensures safe transactions and benefits your business. 

Robust product listing

Physical stores often fail to display all your products and services effectively. However, e-commerce portals are built to categorise and display all your product offerings prominently. The presence of filter and search options allow your customers to locate his or her required products on your website. Further, all relevant details like price, description, and delivery dates are available alongside the listings. Thus, you do not miss out on clients ever again.

Therefore, a well-planned e-commerce website design in Surrey can help your business flourish. It can help you expand your customer base and increase your profitability. Nu Media Hub offers excellent e-commerce website development and design services. Their quality services are available for all types of businesses at extremely affordable prices.

Website Design – Why Looking Good is Never Good Enough

Website Design - Why Looking Good is Never Good Enough

A beautiful and stylish website can easily attract visitors. The perfect use of colours,  fonts and the unique design of the layout can grab the attention of the visitors easily, but they are not the ultimate thing in website designing. In fact, when it comes to website design, looking good is never good enough. This is the reason; the modern agencies of web design in Littlehampton come up with new ideas which make your website smarter and more result-driven.

Looking Good Is Not Everything

A beautiful website may attract the viewers for a while, but they need something more than colours and styles from a website. The modern website designers understand this trend well. Hence, they are curious about designing a website with elements that not only serve the purpose of aesthetic but make the portal user-friendly, result-driven and practical.

A good looking website with poor features will never be able to take your website to the desired level of success.

Things You Need to Add to Your Website

  1. It must have features that can please your target audiences by fulfilling their requirements.
  2. It must be SEO-Friendly so that your website can obtain organic traffic through smart SEO techniques.
  3. The website has to have easy and smart CMS so that the users can manage their contents on the site as per your requirements.
  4. If it is an ecommerce website, then it must showcase your products and services rightly to attract the viewers.
  5. The website must have all the social media plugins so that your website can be linked to and promoted on your social media profiles.
  6. It has to be informative and creative with relevant information, content, animation and images.
  7. Most importantly, it must have proper and simple navigation so that users can easily find out what they are looking for on your website.

A trusted and reputed website design company always adds features that make your online presence stronger and more impressive. From planning the layouts to controlling the colour tone and from creating exciting navigation tabs to adding relevant images.

At Nu Media Hub, we offer the best solutions for website designs in Littlehampton. Our job is not only limited to creating beautiful websites. We add features that help you to earn good ROI as well.