Benefits of Having Custom Website Design

Benefits of Having Custom Website Design

Whether it is your beauty treatment or interior design – you can find the phrase “customised service” everywhere you go. The industry of website design in Surrey is not an exception in this case. Developing a customised website for your business has become a topmost priority for the business owners.

This is the reason; the business owners are not considering it as an expense; instead, they find it as an investment to have a great ROI.

Before you choose the best web design agency in Surrey to get customised website development and designing solutions, you should know the benefits.

  • Get Unique Look to Match Your Brand

Every brand is different from each other in terms of target audiences, goals, perceptive and quality. Hence, their websites must be unique also. Your unique brand demands something matchless and impressive to stand out in the crowd.

  • Customer-Centric

A custom-made website always focuses on customers’ needs and preferences. You will have a customer-centric website with result-driven features. Your target audiences will notice your website and love to visit it again and again. It will reduce the bounce rate on your website and increase the traffic.

  • SEO-Friendly Website

When you go to the top website designing agency, you will always have something more than you expect. They build a customised website with SEO-friendly features. The website will have all the features that will help you to appear on the first page of SERP and obtain an adequate number of visitors daily. This is an organic process of increasing the traffic rate on your website.

  • Stand Out from the Competitors

If you have a beauty product brand, then you must understand the pressure of competition in the market. In this situation, a unique and custom-made website will help you a lot to stand out from your competitors and grab the attention of your target audiences easily.

While looking for the best agency to get brilliant web design ideas, Nu Media Hub should is the one for you. We have vast experience and specialists in our team who can develop and design customised websites for our clients to suit their unique requirements.

Key Benefits of Mobile Web Design or Responsive Website Design

Key Benefits of Mobile Web Design or Responsive Website Design

When you design and develop a website for mobile phones and other mobile devices, then it is known as responsive web design service. With the growing popularity of mobile devices and with their unstoppable technical development, it becomes evident for the business owners in Portsmouth to prepare their websites for such devices.

There are lots of benefits of responsive web design. In fact, it becomes one of the primary goals of every business owners to have a mobile-friendly website to enjoy rapid growth in business.

Why Have Responsive Web Design Service

Increase in Traffic: A mobile website always increases the traffic on your portal. Since the website becomes easily accessible on various mobile devices; people can reach out the site anytime anywhere. They can use their Smartphone or laptop or tab to visit your pages which increase the traffic automatically. This has a great impact on your SERP ranking.

Improved User Experience: The main target of responsive web design is to improve the overall user experience of your target audiences. You should design the website for the mobile devices in such a manner that the users should not find it hard to see and read the contents on the small screen of their devices.

Easy-to-Maintain: With a mobile-friendly or responsive website, you need to invest minimal time for the maintenance of your website. You can divide your team into two divisions which will take care of the two versions of the website.

No Duplicate Content Hassle: With the mobile version of your website, the content will remain the same. Even if you use different URLs for these two versions, the content can remain the same and search engine will not penalize you for this.

More Accessible Website: Having a mobile website means offering a more accessible platform to your target audiences. They can reach to your website anytime they want. That will help you to build a strong connection with them. They find your website reliable and more user-friendly.

For the best website design solutions in Portsmouth, you should contact Nu Media Hub. We are one of the top web site designers with extensive knowledge and skill in responsive web design.

For all the other important information regarding our services; kindly get in touch with us.

How Effectively Can Website Design Benefit Your Business?

How Effectively Can Website Design Benefit Your Business?

As social media is expanding, web designing is gaining more popularity. It is a skill which is becoming essential for sustaining any form of business on the online platform. They know wide ranges of techniques and discipline solely focused on benefit and the growth of the company.

Here are some ways web design in Worthing can benefit your business.

  • Accessibility

Website design can be a massive benefit in increasing accessibility and can reach out to a large number of clients and customers. Information is critical in all forms, and social media is a hub of information. Website design can play a crucial role in helping to reach out important information by discarding the not useful ones.

  • Engagement 

It is vital to hire the right designers as they can create a suitable layout which can be engaging. This can also contribute an increase in several users. This aspect makes web designing pivotal for the growth of the business. 

  • Popularizing theBrand 

If you want your brand to stand out amongst all your competitors, the logo is essential. Having a unique logo for your company can help you to establish your brand identity. This can also create a sense of familiarity amongst the customers. 

  • Content Creation

Web designing does not exclude aspects like choices of fonts and other typographic details. These can be an essential component to hold on to the attention of your readers. In case the content in the web page looks messy readers can lose interest and leave the site. This can also affect your business negatively. Website designers ensure that the web page is clutter-free and incorporates reader-friendly designs. 

  • Navigation
    To make your website simple and understandable for the clients, navigation is the key. The website designers can help you to develop easy navigation, which is easy to explore.

Nu Media Hub is your perfect option for the website and other design-related requirements. They have years of experience in the Website Design in Worthing. We design websites which are user friendly. We ensure that the designs are as per your needs and requirements. We pay attention to all small aspects to avoid any form of mistakes. We help you to design a page which is easy to navigate and flawless. Our expert quality services are available at an affordable price rate. 

4 Things that Will Make Your Website Smart and Professional in 2020

4 Things that Will Make Your Website Smart and Professional in 2020

Though the COVID 19 pandemic has put a full stop in every sector of life in 2020, it seems that things are getting back on track recently. Businesses are recovering slowly, and people are getting into their regular routine gradually. In this current condition, a lot of brands are trying to conquer the world with new enthusiasm and new vision. Hence, they need a new website too.

Therefore, they are looking for the top companies that can offer them the service of reliable and affordable web design in Surrey to match their current limited budget. Before you contact one such company for your brand, you should know about these four things that will make your website look smarter and more professional than before.

Good Typography

Often website owners put all their effort into setting the right colour tone of their website or using some graphics to promote their products, but they should not ignore the typography of the pages. The fonts and the style of the words must be readable and attractive so that people can read the contents easily and find them eye-catching.

Use Professional Images

To obtain more traffic on your website and a higher conversion rate, you must use professional images all over the website. If required, then hire a dedicated commercial photographer to obtain tailor-made services. Get the personalised images to make your website look professional and attractive.

Use Smart Icons

This is the era of icons which can speak a thousand words for you. Instead of using long sentences or traditional photographs, you can use smart and unique icons to share your ideas with your viewers and tell them your story in a unique manner.

Add Animation

Though the idea of using animation on the website is not a new one; but with the passing course of time, this idea is getting huge exposure and fame in the website design industry. Web designers love to use animations to create intense and striking designs. The brand owners also love to portray their stories in a fantastic way through animated contents.

Be it an image or a graphical design; never compromise with the quality. Even a simple looking website with a brilliant colour combination, stunning fonts and professional photographs can attract the viewers easily.

At Nu Media Hub, we create websites that make your brand’s online presence stronger. At the same time, we help you to generate leads through the site. For all kinds of details regarding our website design solutions, please give us a call.

For more details about our services call – 01243974490

Things to Remember When You Are Launching A New Website

Things to Remember When You Are Launching A New Website

The global pandemic had a significant impact on everyone. The economic sector took a massive hit in almost all parts of the world. It has been a hard time for businesses of all sizes. Unlike larger firms, smaller companies have to take revolutionary measures to ensure they can pull through this tough time. While the local stores were shut down, e-commerce sales statistics have been rising. If you have or are planning to take your business online, you should avoid common website mistakes that lead to failures. The right website design in Portsmouth is the key to success. Here are some tips to get a grip in the industry:

  • Get the basics right. Strengthen your core by getting all technical issues out of the way. Get an SSL Certificate to ensure the user of a safe browsing experience. Slow loading time makes a terrible first impression and most users leave the site. Adding a site map is also very helpful to ease the navigation process.
  • Please keep it simple and have an easy user interface. The users shouldn’t struggle with finding basic options like the search, save or the purchase button.
  • Your site should be optimised for mobile phones. Almost 80% of people today use their mobile phones for online shopping. A desktop site is challenging to use on a mobile phone. Make the font clear on the mobile site, and focus on the visuals and clear listings. Avoid giving a lot of details on one page, which might be challenging to read or too distracting.
  • Pay attention to the critical pages of your website. Your home page or landing page is not the only significant page. If your product listing pages aren’t good enough, you will not be able to convert people into customers. Similarly, if the checkout or payment page is faulty, you will suffer losses.
  • Every page of your website should be SEO friendly to boost your search page rank, which drives traffic to your page. There are a lot of factors that contribute to SEO, like blog, contact page, privacy policy and cookie policy.

It takes a lot of expertise to master the skill. If you want a well-designed website which is SEO friendly, contact Nu Media Hub. They consider customer growth as their priority and are one of the best for SEO and website design in Portsmouth. They listen to your needs and offer bespoke solutions, crafted for you. 

5 Ecommerce Website Design For Increased Sales

5 Ecommerce Website Design For Increased Sales

The current trends and tricks of ecommerce website design make it easier for business owners to showcase their products and increase sales. Ecommerce websites in Surrey are designed by the professionals and have all the latest features that will suit the current trends of digital marketing.

If you are about to build an ecommerce website and wish to get the maximum benefits, then you should try these tips to make your website ready for the modern digital marketing trends.

These five tips will help you to get more conversion rate and improve the daily traffic as well.

How to Make Things Useful for Your Ecommerce Website

  1. Keep your users in mind. Know who your target users are and what their preferences or expectations are from an ecommerce website. Plan the design of the site as per your target viewers. When they find your website user-friendly and inviting, then you can expect to have great sales from your ecommerce store.
  2. Keep the design simple yet attractive. Complex designs with lots of divisions and subdivisions can make the user confused, and they might prefer to leave the site to find something easier and simpler. It is then sensible to utilise simple and straightforward designs to keep your users engaged.
  3. Make the “view cart” button clearly visible and easily accessible for your viewers. This button will help them to view their shopping cart anytime they want, in between their shopping on your website. This is a nice way to keep track of the products they have already selected.
  4. Never distract your users with unnecessary elements. It is nice to have a blog section or a review section or a brand’s story section on your web page to offer more information to your loyal customers or give them a chance to interact. However, these things should not distract them from purchasing the products from your ecommerce website. So, use them carefully.
  5. Always use the best quality photos for all of your products. Poor quality images always make the users annoyed. They do not like to shop for products that cannot be seen correctly on your website. You should use high-resolution images on your ecommerce website.

At Nu Media Hub, we offer the most affordable and reliable ecommerce website design solutions in Surrey. Our experts have vast knowledge in creating smart, advanced and SEO-friendly ecommerce websites for modern businesses.

An Overview Of the 3 Top Types of Website Designs for Your Business

An Overview Of the 3 Top Types of Website Designs for Your Business

Today’s digital age demands that your business has an excellent online presence. Since a large share of the customers for every business view and purchase products and services online, it is imperative to have an appealing digital presence. Now, the easiest way to do that is to develop a website design in Surrey for your business. Here are the top 3 types of design ideas that you use for your website: 

Less is more 

Long gone are the days when you would embellish your site with unnecessary details. The customers of today are looking for clean, crisp, no-nonsense websites with faster loading times. Hence, minimalist website design is perfect for your business.  

This flat design approach uses simple colours and fonts, improving the ease of navigation. Thanks to the necessary streamlining of information, there are no distractions. Hence, the customer can concentrate on your products and services without any hindrance. 

Make it creative 

If you want to appeal to the creative side of your clients, the illustrative website design idea is suitable for you. It is a versatile tool with a lot of potentials. As the name suggests, the illustrative approach makes use of audio-visual tools like cartoons, doodles, and illustrations to capture the attention of the audience. 

Funky icons pop of colour, and animations can go a long way in making an illustrative website design in Surrey successful. It makes a site look creative.  It looks visually attractive and makes the customer want to explore your website. 

Use impressive typography 

Another simple yet effective technique is to employ typography to make your website look impressive. To impress the client as soon as he or she opens your website, exciting typography is a must-have. It tells a lot about your brand image in a matter of a few seconds. This approach can be applied to: 

  • The overall content of the page
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Brand logo  

This design idea is incredibly lucrative since we have a wide range of font options to play with. This can significantly improve our typography throughout the website, creating an excellent first impression on prospective clients. Cross-platform compatibility for your site can take care of the high load time glitch caused by high-quality fonts. 

Therefore, you can choose anyone tried and tested website design in Surrey to cement your business’ digital foothold. Nu Media Hub provides expert assistance in developing creative and unique strategies for your website at competitive prices.

3 Useful Tips to Get SEO Friendly Web Design for Your Business

3 Useful Tips to Get SEO Friendly Web Design for Your Business

In this current phase of a highly competitive market, building a website will not be enough to build a brand. You need to make your target users aware of that website. Making a site highly visible or accessible is the prime object to make the brand strong. SEO or search engine optimisation can help you in this matter.

You need to use SEO-friendly website design ideas. The top web design agency in Surrey will always help you in getting a smart, impressive, informative and SEO-friendly website for your business.

SEO is an incredibly crucial aspect of the online presence of modern businesses. You cannot ignore it when you wish to be in the race for the long term and want to be noticed. Hence, it is better that you initiate a bonding of your web design plans with SEO tricks to get a wonderful result within the shortest time possible.

Make SEO-Friendly URLs

No matter how good your website looks, it will not be able to pull the attention of the search engines or the viewers with non-SEO-friendly URLs for distinct web pages. Use the relevant words and keywords in the URL to make it perfect here is one example of website where SEO friendly url is used Anne Pro 2. Get the help of the trained and experienced SEO experts who understand the game of URL algorithms and help you in making SEO-friendly links.

Make the Images SEO-Ready

Not only the pages, URLs or the texts inside the web page, but the images also need to be SEO-ready. You can take the complete help of SEO strategies to promote the images you have on your website too. This can be a great way to pull organic traffic to the site through image promotion. The best SEO team always works neatly for image optimization as well while working on a certain project. Try to use original and real images to get more traffic.

Right Placing of the Keywords

SEO is all about the game of using keywords at the right place at the right time. It is not only a copy of the text on a web page where you can use the keywords. You need to understand that areas like H1, H2, website slogans, navigation, meta descriptions and meta tags or images are some of the perfect areas in a website where you can use the relevant keywords as well.

All these may sound tricky and complex to you. This is the reason; you should get the help of the experts of SEO from the reputed web design agency in Surrey to obtain the best services.

Nu Media Hub is the best web design partner with complete knowledge about SEO. Get in touch with us for more information.

Difference Between Facebook And Instagram For Businesses

Difference Between Facebook And Instagram For Businesses

Social media has grown to become an integral part of people’s life. The amount of time people spend online is steadily increasing every day. Social media has surpassed television to become the top choice of people in their free time in the past decade. This has had a massive impact on businesses. The trends have shifted, and the amount and attention dedicated to digital marketing are at an all-time high today. Social media management in West Sussex is a crucial part of digital marketing. Facebook and Instagram are the leaders of social media. But they aren’t the same when it comes to using it as a tool for your business. Both will give you different results depending on what company you have. Here are some key differences to keep in mind: 

  • The audience is very different on both the platforms. Instagram is where you will find the youth. The older generation is more active on Facebook. If your business is all about trends and pop culture and made for the millennials, Instagram is the place to be. Facebook works well for more mature, practical products that aren’t targeted towards one age group.

  • Both platforms can also help you reach different goals. If you aim to build a brand, make an image and stir up a reputation, Instagram is beneficial. You must be aware of ‘Instagram brands’ that owe their success to the platform. On the other hand, if you are more about direct selling and reaching more people in an area, Facebook has the right tools and gives better results.

  • Your marketing strategy has to vary for both the platforms as well. The same ad campaign will give you very different results. It is wise to create separate ads tailored to the platforms. Instagram inclines on the visual end more than Facebook. Fabulous pictures and catchy captions do well on Instagram. If you plan to work with influencers, you will mostly end up using Instagram. It has a more significant engagement ratio and usually gives a satisfactory return on engagement.

 It takes a lot of analysis and experience to master the art of social media management in West Sussex. If you are looking for a reliable company for your business, Nu Media Hub is the place for you. They have been in the industry for a very long time. They have mastered the tricks of the trade and work with you to give you what is best for your business.

Top Web Design Trends Of 2020 to Make Your Website Impressive

Top Web Design Trends Of 2020 to Make Your Website Impressive

Digital marketing has become essential for every brand right now. Your digital presence not only creates leads but is also associated with your image and reputation. A strong digital presence is a common factor in most of the top companies in the world right now. Your website has to be expertly created to make a good impression.  Incorporating the top trends of 2020 in your website design in West Sussex will help you reach your goals. You can take a look at some of them below: 

  • Customisation of the landing page. Most people can be converted into a customer within the first few minutes of them using your website. Personalisation of landing pages is one of the best ways to do so. Use data to show things relevant to them as soon as they land. One home page or campaign will not work for everyone. Filter content according to their gender, age group and interests to get the maximum attention.
  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI and ML are all the rage in the digital medium today. Some of the biggest apps, like youtube and Instagram, use algorithms to filter content. If you have a website, you must consider the use of chatbots. This gives you an option to provide instant support to your visitors 24*7 without having to look into it at all times. It has become relatively cheap now in comparison, and it is worth a try.
  • The dark mode and neon theme. The aesthetic provided by using them separately or together make a huge impact. It has been popular for a very long time, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be decreasing any time soon. The contrast provided by dark mode helps in making things pop and stand out, immediately bringing attention to the point. This also reduces the brightness on the screen, reducing eye strain and consuming less battery power.
  • More visuals or bold texts on the website. Gone are the days where you could see long paragraphs full of information on a website. Today, it is crucial to convey the message as soon as possible. Use images or videos and animations to replace long paragraphs. You can also increase the use of single words replacing phrases and work on emphasising them by using bold colours or bigger size.

These are a few of the trends that will help you in keeping up the current times. If you are looking for a company to do website design in West Sussex and more, Nu Media Hub will be a perfect choice. They are experts in the digital media market and will handle all your concerns with ease.