4 Ways SEO Services In Arundel Can Benefit Small Businesses

4 Ways SEO Services In Arundel Can Benefit Small Businesses

Every business owner wants a website which is not only robust, fast and user-friendly but also attains a high rank in the search engines. It is necessary for both small and large businesses willing to attract more qualified customers to their sites and increase conversion rates. If you don’t have much knowledge about search engine optimisation, get in touch with a reputed company offering the service.

They know how to build brand awareness for your business and attain a first page rank on the search engine result pages. According to a survey conducted a few years back, SEO is more important for small business owners as their focus is primarily on building a strong online presence of their brand. Gaining new customers for their business becomes easier if they can outshine their peers.

Few Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit Through SEO In Arundel

  • The Website Becomes User-Friendly

Since retaining potential customers on your website becomes easier if it is user-friendly, look for an experienced SEO company. They know how to create smooth, user-friendly and fast websites which suits your business needs and budgets. Though the focus of SEO is on improving user-experience, professionals offering the service ensures that your site is well-structured, uncluttered and clean. It is necessary if you want to decrease the bounce rate by compelling online visitors to stay longer.

  • Attract More Customers

Your company’s website is the medium through which you can outshine your peers and increase your customer base. Attracting more customers becomes easier if you can craft effective marketing strategies. You will be surprised to know that a business can grow faster and get more customers if it has an SEO optimised website. Experienced SEO experts know how to create marketing strategies which are both efficient and affordable.

  • Outshine Your Competitors

Since an SEO-optimised website offers numerous benefits, the focus of everyone running a small business is on outshining their peers. It almost becomes a necessity if you are both from the same industry and selling similar products. If you are willing to make the most of SEO in Arundel, choose an experienced company offering the service. Their experts know the various features of an SEO optimised website.

  • Enjoy Better Conversion Rates

You can enjoy better conversion rates if your website is responsive and SEO optimised. It will load faster and display properly in every device, irrespective of it being a tablet or smartphone. These sites are even easy to read and navigate so you can hold the attention of your online visitors and convert them into potential customers. They can easily find what they are looking for.

Since you now know the various ways SEO services can benefit small businesses, it’s time you start looking for an experienced company offering the service in Arundel.

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Brand In The Long Run?

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Brand In The Long Run?

With the advent of technology, today’s world runs entirely on social media. If you are not on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, you are missing out on what the world is doing at every second. As a result, brands are increasingly choosing social media marketing to boost their image.

Social media marketing has made it a tad easier to enhance the recognition of your brand. It creates a great deal of exposure for the company and with negligible expenditure. Social media marketing also drives your traffic and sales to a great extent. It is a time-efficient process as it hardly takes a few hours a week to generate high ROI. The various social media platforms help in multiple ways to accelerate business growth. That’s the reason marketers utilise them to full potential by using innovative tools and tactics.  Here is an attempt to explain the benefits put forth by social media to market your business. This will no doubt eliminate all your confusion as you proceed with an idea of implementing social media marketing in worthing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to promoting your brand, services, and products via regular posts on various social media channels. Several firms undertake social media marketing in Worthing and other parts of England. This form of marketing helps you to get your products across to the relevant customer base at a minimum cost.

What are the advantages of social media marketing?

Social media marketing in Worthing and neighbouring areas can be extremely beneficial to your brand in the following ways:

  • More publicity for your brand
  • Better and organic traffic for your website
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Bette brand loyalty
  • Reduced cost
  • Broader customer outreach

So, if you are looking for a reliable and competent company dealing in social media marketing in Worthing , Nu Media can be the perfect fit for you. They handle online marketing for brands via social media platforms using unique and innovative marketing strategies. Social media marketing facilitates a one-to-one interaction with your customers. This enhances the loyalty element in the customer. This is a reason for the customer to spend more time with you. The collaboration gets longer. The loyal clientele circulates your entity among their friends and acquaintances. Hence, your brand gets popular. There lies the effectiveness of social media. Try it out for yourself!

4 Signs You Have Chosen The Right SEO Company In Surrey

4 Signs You Have Chosen The Right SEO Company In Surrey

Approaching a company for SEO services is a monthly investment so choosing the right company is a must. You can rest assured that you have made the right investment if their services are working and your organisation can benefit from it. Since SEO is more complicated than you think, assessing the worth of a program is indeed a daunting task. If you are not sure whether their SEO program is working or not, look for signs indicating that you have chosen the right SEO Company. Even if the program is successful, there should be some room for improvement.

Few Signs Indicating That You Have Approached The Right SEO Company In Surrey

  • Progressing Towards Your SEO Goals

Though achieving SEO goals is more time-consuming than you think, the right company will help you progress towards your goals. Don’t get confused because of those statistics and metrics of website performance. Know your business goals and review those. The business goals of one company differ from another. While some want to generate more leads through their website, another company might want to use SEO services for selling their products.

  • Website Is Improving

The primary objective of SEO services is to improve the performance of a website. You will know that your website is improving when the user experience improves and the search engine bots crawling your site are performing the way you want. Few tactics included in on-site SEO are infusing keywords, content creation, editing and resizing images, updating headings and subheadings, adjusting metadata and interlinking, among others.

  • Key Metrics Are Showing Good Results

You can assess the progress of your SEO program by reviewing website statistics. If your SEO Company in Surrey is using Google Analytics, you can take the statistics under consideration. Just make sure you don’t put your entire trust on one metric as SEO is quite complicated. Rely on a holistic perspective when using metrics to determine the success of your SEO program.

  • Organic Traffic

A website receives a wide variety of traffic like social media traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, paid search traffic and direct traffic. Your focus should be on organic traffic is you have implemented an SEO program. You can expect your organic traffic to grow if your SEO program is working. SEO experts use it as an indicator as they know that on-site SEO efforts take time to impact the traffic.

Ready To Change?

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you have chosen the right SEO Company, start looking for a more experienced company if your current SEO program is not working. Look for one who has a track record of implementing successful SEO programs for numerous clients.

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Choose the Right SEO Company to Make a Mark for your Business

Choose the Right SEO Company to Make a Mark for your Business

Choosing the right SEO company can make a world of difference to your online business. You can hire SEO professionals from a reputable SEO company or go for an individual expert. There are plenty of confusions that might arise during the hiring process. It is good to remain aware of the significant mistakes while selecting the best SEO Company or specialist.

There is one major hurdle that makes businesses choose the wrong SEO path. Your intention might be that of securing maximum backlinks and feeding web content with keyword stuffing. These were roaring practices among the SEO agencies a few years back. In course of time, search engines have changed their search algorithms. Hence, new SEO strategies have surfaced in the scheme of SEO measures.

Backlinks, keyword stuffing, domain authority are no more top ranking factors. Focus is more on good content and user-friendliness of the site. Geo-targeting of websites has become significant because there are countless businesses which are confined to brick and mortar outlets in a specific geographical region. Besides web optimisation, mobile SEO has become an essential tool for digital marketing.

In the world of rapidly developing digital landscape, it is essential to explore all the avenues of optimising your business.

The Important Steps You Need to Follow while Hiring an SEO Agency

What is your business motive? You need to figure out the goals before you go for the hiring process.

A roadmap has been shown here, which is sure to enlighten you in making the right hire:

  • Step 1:Discuss the business goals with essential people in your organization. Your reasonable SEO goals should stem out from specific noble intentions. They include earning organic traffic via good referrals and social groups, enhancing financial revenue, and maintaining a positive brand image. The motive should never be finding ways to beat rivals for specific keywords or phrases.

  • Step 2:Jot down the names of 4 to 5 good SEO companies or consultants. Make a comparative analysis to select the most suitable one. Go for personal recommendations or trust the authority suggestions of the industry insiders. Hire the experienced ones to maximize the effort and result.

  • Step 3:Check out the services. Ideally, you should hire a company providing web SEO and mobile SEO.

  • Step 4: An excellent way to hire the best company is to ensure how well they rank for themselves (for targeted keywords) on search engines. A company who can rank themselves high on the search engine map as the best SEO company can work the same magic for you.

  • Step 5: Price matters because SEO is a long marathon. You need to hire an agency or a consultant whose charge is well under the range of your SEO budget. It is ideal to go for a contract scheme. In case of dissatisfaction, you can switch to a new agency/ consultant.

Make a Wise Decision – Get Max ROI with SEO Efforts

SEO can be the driving factor for your business. Exercise wisdom and choose an SEO company which values work ethics and stay away from malpractices of the industry. Nobody can dupe search engines with Black Hat SEO under the strict vigilance guarded by search engine algorithm updates.

It is advisable to choose experienced professionals in the industry because they stick to the best SEO policies that make your website score on SERP. They monitor the site performance frequently to tweak and improve SEO strategies if required.

Drive web traffic, get new customers, initiate new sales and get the best ROI for all SEO investment you make on your business.

Nu Media Hub, a leading UK based creative design agency, can be the best choice for SEO services. This agency also caters to website designing services, eCommerce services, SMM, and several other services.

Maximise The Impact Of SEO Services With Content Marketing

Maximise The Impact Of SEO Services With Content Marketing

Every modern business requires SEO services, irrespective of its size. Even content marketing has become an integral part of SEO techniques and strategies. Choose the right company offering content marketing services and you can take your brand marketing to a different level.

Developing an integrated marketing strategy is a must if you want to make the most of your digital marketing campaigns. In fact, SEO strategies and content marketing are dependent on each other. Achieving your SEO goals will become easier if you can make them operate hand-in-hand. If you are willing to reap all the benefits offered by content marketing, first learn how to utilise the service the right way to lift your business.

What Is SEO?

For someone not aware of the term yet, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process through which SEO experts improve the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing your website’s visibility. In other words, it is the method of deriving free or organic website traffic from the search engines. The result page of search engines like Bing and Google are hierarchically supported. The primary objective of SEO services is to attain a higher rank for their content, targeting the phrases and keywords which your potential clients will find relevant.

What Is Content Marketing?

It is basically a digital marketing plan of action through which valuable content is developed with the motive of attracting new leads. The content used in the marketing strategies focuses on potential audience so that they can drive various client actions. There are no fixed items of content marketing if you want to fetch the desired results for your business.

Whatever your content marketing goals are, your primary focus should always be on developing relevant content which will help your audience. They might use it for pure recreation or learn something new with the aid of the content. A good content will always add value for its audience. Both developing content and marketing it on various social media channels is an integral part of content marketing strategies.

Why Is Content Marketing Important For SEO?

The primary objective of content marketing is to connect leads and customers. Use your content to demonstrate your experience and you can establish a good relationship with your clients as they can get valuable data. Quality content should appeal to your customers in every step once they start analysing a service or product.

How To Make Content Marketing And SEO Services Work Together?

You can reap all the benefits offered by content marketing if you can collaborate it with SEO services and use it to promote your business. Don’t try a DIY and use email marketing and social media to push your content to targeted audience. The best alternative is to outsource the task to a reputed company offering SEO services. They create powerful content and use it ineffective marketing strategies. The SEO services offered by them will make it easier for you to move in front of your customers exactly when they need your services.

Choose The Right Keywords And Phrases

Nowadays, customers rely on search engines like Google to look for some services or goods they need. A majority of the companies offering SEO services have years of experience in the industry and can help you choose the right keywords and phrases.

Since you now know why content marketing is an integral part of SEO strategies, it’s time you start looking for a renowned company offering the service in your city.

Exploring the Key Trends in the Digital Marketing Platform in 2020

Exploring the Key Trends in the Digital Marketing Platform in 2020

2020 is already here, and it’s the right time to consider the key trends to be attributed to your marketing strategy. It will work wonders in the digital marketing platform. You must have achieved a lot in 2019, but there must be a few areas you want to improve on. Here are the top trends in digital marketing strategy to guide you in your marketing efforts. These will help you to capture more leads and stay ahead of your competitors.

6 Momentous Trends In 2020 to be applied to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation

You must try out different marketing channels to gain fresh leads, tend them and convert them to customers. It takes a lot of time and effort in nurturing the leads which can otherwise be expended in other significant activities. That’s where marketing automation comes handy. It automates the task and offers substantial results. There are also other advantages to using automation. They provide a detailed overview of all the interactions between the prospect and your brand across all channels.

Voice search

Voice transcription technology has indeed brought a revolutionary change in this digital world. Voice searches are steadily becoming almost at par with human beings. The growing popularity of smart speakers coupled with voice searches is something the present generation raves about. No wonder, it will be trending in 2020 as well. As voice search is a more comfortable option so definitely, users will speak longer queries than what they wish to write. Hence, targeting long-tail keywords in the content will be a great marketing strategy to be incorporated.  The other strategy to exploit the voice search advantage is to create conversational content and attributing it with some questions than the audience might put up with relevant answers to them. It would be wise to include some potential keywords in the content and the chances of getting displayed in the featured snippets increases.

Interactive content

Incorporating interactive content is another excellent tactics to engage your audience the most. This content works great at phase of the marketing funnel. Some of the best examples of interactive content include contests, games, quizzes, assessments, infographics, and so on.


As the visitors reach your website and start browsing through the different pages, several queries crop up in their mind.  It solely depends on your ability to answer the enquiries that determine if they will move to the next level of the sales funnel or will drop out. The best option to the situation is the implementation of chatbots. They are the most accessible resources to answer the queries of the users 24X7. Now they are more empowered with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). You can personalise the chatbots and can train them to greet the visitors and answer common questions. In case the problem is unique, then they can alert the customer representative. They are effective means to increase the rate of conversions.

Analysis of Sentiment

Previously, it was only possible to interpret the results in terms of leads generated and conversions accomplished or when your company’s account been tagged by a user over social media. As users don’t always remember to tag, then certain valuable information gets lost in transit. Now, as machine learning has developed to a great extent, so it is possible to perceive natural language processing in a better way. This gives you an edge over your competitors as you can well interpret what’s the audience are thinking. The attitude of the audience about your product or service is generally categorised into positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. The sentiment analysis process indeed benefits your marketing effort. You can implement it wisely in your marketing strategy.

Micro-influencer Marketing

Getting your brand promoted by influencers is one of the trending marketing strategies right now. There are two types of influencer- macro and micro. The macro influencers are the ones with more than 10,000 followers, and the micro ones have 10,000 or lower number of followers. It is better to use micro-influencers as although they have fewer followers, but they are popular in a particular niche. Thus they can engage the followers in a better way and produce target results.

If these tactics are followed wisely using your intuition and decisiveness well, then it will indeed produce great results. So use the various digital marketing platforms and accomplish your marketing goals well. You can even get in touch with a renowned digital marketing company like Nu Media Hub and reap advantages galore.

8 Essentials to Accomplish Content Marketing Strategies Bearing Inspiring Results

8 Essentials to Accomplish Content Marketing Strategies Bearing Inspiring Results

“Content is the King” – That is so far the most explicit statement to define the prowess of content in driving traffic on the social web. Great content is the key to making your brand visible. The better the content would be faster would be its distribution in the social networks. Brand awareness, enquiries, leads, and conversions are the immediate consequence of ubiquitous content. Almost all of you must have heard of social media marketing but content marketing is a new kid in the block. Many of you must be aware of it but most don’t have an idea about the method to apply it ideally. Here are the top tactics you must incorporate in your content marketing strategy to reap encouraging results.

Top 8 Tips to Amplify your Content Marketing Strategies


A well maintained blog should be a priority in your content marketing schedule. It won’t have a comparable impact on your Search Engine Optimisation results but will surely drive considerable traffic to your website, offer an authoritative tone to your brand, and enhance the relationship with the customers. Looking for influential bloggers providing guest posts for your blog will be another effective way to generate interest of greater audience over your content.


E-book is another great option to serve interesting and informative content to the visitors. It should not necessarily be lengthy but must be really interesting to draw the attention of people.  They can be utilised as an incentive to make the visitors sign up. It should be designed well and be visually appealing. It would be an effective approach to back up the information with stats and quotes gathered from reputed sources.


64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video, a one-minute video worth 1.8 billion words. These stats prove that a video has much memorable impact than a text. That is the reason for creating a video as a part of your content marketing strategy would be one of the best approaches to drive great results for your business. While creating a video consider your audience and you will be able to engage them the best way.


Infographics is another effective form of content backed by statistics to get your point across your audience efficiently. You must think about telling a story and should put your best effort to gather all the latest facts and figures to have a strong storyline.

 Slideshare Presentations

SlideShare is the largest content marketing platform in the world. It boasts a global user base of about 60 million people. It is used for putting up presentations. You can use it as a useful platform to represent, PDFs, videos, documents, infographics, and even webinars. It will help you to enhance the business 

Social media

It is another great platform to distribute your content and showcase the personality of your brand. The various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram are great places to join communities relevant to your customers and strike a discussion.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another avenue with great potential. You have to create effective content for the email campaign to make the customer sign up to your emails. The content includes blog posts, e-books, competition, event invites, and so on.

Press Release

A press release is another significant option for raising brand awareness. You can circulate about the latest happenings in your company like partnerships, awards, charity events with your customers. You need to incorporate unique ideas to make the content attractive. If it is picked up by some eminent publication that will certainly enhance the scope of SEO for you.

There are other vital approaches to your content marketing strategies like hosting webinars, approaching your customers to write testimonials, and so on. So, with so many tools it is a mere cakewalk to create interesting and shareable content. Alternatively, you can approach a prominent digital marketing company with an experienced team of content marketers. Nu Media Hub is one name you can trust on. Contact them and scale up the benefits.

What is A/B Testing and how it impacts business?

What is A/B Testing and how it impacts business?

A/B Testing or split testing is an approach to have a comparison between two versions of a concept to understand which one is better and more effective. In this digital age, it has turned out to be a useful option for businesses. It is used in the implementation of two versions of the same marketing asset such as social content, display ad, marketing emails, or web pages, bearing just one variable element. This helps in choosing the option that stands out . It will then become easier for an entrepreneur to take the right steps, by selecting the right choice.

Let’s take an instance – a landing page can be provided with two versions of the call-to-action (CTA) content. As they are run at the same time for data collection, the performance quotient will help in choosing the right version. If appropriately implemented, its impact is the reason for 10,000 A/B experiments are performed every year by business tycoons like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so on.

How the A/B Testing Process Works?

It is essential to set the baseline properly as you start.  A hypothesis needs to be created based on the current appearance of the app or the web page. For example, if the CTA tells “Buy Now” then in the hypothesis, you can change it to something like, “Click to Proceed” to see if it yields better results. As the hypothesis is created, a second version of the app or the web page should be made.

As the two variations are created, the baseline and the hypothesis are ready for testing. The next step would be segregating the audience. There are a few approaches to this. If you have decided to test it over your mailing list, then two segments of users should be created, and then the list should be split randomly and share among the users in the two sections. Next, the results should be captured and analysed to check if the hypothesis is valid or not.

5 Reasons Why A/B Testing Is an Essential for Every Entrepreneur

1.      Minimised Bounce Rate

A/B testing is a great option to find a solution for reducing the scary bounce rate of your website. The main reasons for bounce rate include irrelevant content and poor user experience. The visitors open your content page from search results finding the title relevant to their search. If they are unable to find useful information, they search pages again and your page bounces.

The tastes and preferences of customers keep changing, so A/B testing is needed. It will help you to test the different landing pages to see which one engages a user better. Based on the analysis, you can improve the pages so that it resonates with the audience well. It also helps in determining the audience behaviour in a better way.

2.      Improvement of Engagement in the Content

A/B testing helps in the evaluation of the content and offers an option to detect which version yields a better result. It will be in terms of more clicks, likes, shares, and visitors converted to customers. The winning version impacts content engagement in a positive way.

3.      Enhanced Conversion Rate

A/B testing helps in reducing the bounce rate; it helps in optimising the conversion rate as well. Multiple versions of the same element in the website can be tested to zero in on the best version.  User experience improves, bounce rate diminishes and conversion rate increases with a successful A/B testing approach.

4.      Ease of Analysing Date

A/B Testing is the most convenient, effective, and accurate way to evaluate the results as it offers straightforward metrics.

5.      Minimised Risk

A/B Testing leads to decisions made based on accurate data and not subjective opinions. The risk factor is eliminated to a great extent. The testing also opens up an approach to make a change in the page, other than modifying every detail in it. So, even if the test doesn’t yield favourable results, the whole page and the conversion rate won’t get hampered much.

An entrepreneur can tweak the business website to its full potential by implementing the A/B testing approach.  So, try it, and it is well worth your time and effort.

Why Content Is the Key to Success in the Digital Marketing Sphere

Why Content Is the Key to Success in the Digital Marketing Sphere

Today, building a robust online presence is an absolute necessity. However small or big your business is, it is vital to have an online presence to beat the fierce competition in every field. Expanding and promoting your business online is known as digital marketing. A digital marketing campaign doesn’t only refer to a website or a blog, but it includes handling your social media handles. Many a time, the quality of the content is compromised for aesthetics, which can cause more harm than good.

Why is content so relevant to have a more reliable digital marketing strategy?

Every digital marketing strategy revolves around content. Good quality content can increase your business productivity. Here are some of the reasons why content should lead the way in your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Business owners know the use of this powerful tool. With the right keywords and their placements, your website or blog can be at the top of the search page on Google or other search engines. This boosts your sales. Where will you put these keywords? In the content you create. Good quality content will help you land on the top spots of those search engines, beating competitors.

  • Building Trust

It is not enough for you to list your products on your website; if you have a blog that directs customers to your products, sales get the right boost. Blog content can provide answers to the queries of the customers and inform them about your products and help in building trust.

  • Building a brand

Gone are the days when advertising on big platforms with celebrities could establish a brand. Today, people form opinions about the brand through the content that is created.  The overall brand reputation is built through the impressions constructed by the content.

  • Social media impact

The key to influencing customers and keeping in touch with them lies in the major social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is essential to create content that is relatable and interactive on these platforms so that it can transform consumers into customers.

All of this can conclude the fact that not only the subject matter but the representation of the content should be handled professionally to gain best results. Nu Media Hub is a company that takes appropriate care of all these points while launching a digital marketing campaign for you. So, take your business to a new level with the best range of professional help from a notable firm.

5 key things you need on your website to help it convert customers

5 key things you need on your website to help it convert customers

Creating a website for your business is a fine art. Not only must you design visually appealing site that’s modern and meets current SEO requirements but it also needs to be user friendly and contain enough information to engage your target audience and encourage them to buy.

Whether your site is selling shoes or services these 5 things are an absolute must on your new website to help convert visitors to customers.

Informative content

The single reason people search the web is to consume content. If a visitor has reached your website they are looking for answers to their questions about your product or services. Now, you want to give enough information about your products or services to show you are knowledgeable, but be careful, don’t give away too much. You want them to get in touch with you so offer some frequently asked questions and answers and encourage visitors to contact you by email, contact form or phone for more info! This way you can begin the sales process and you’ve just got yourself a lead.

A picture tells a thousand words

Words are undeniably important to get your message across, but images help to break up large quantities of text. Web users are faced with hundreds of pages of content each time they go online. Most people when faced with an expanse of text will bounce straight off and search elsewhere. You want to keep visitors on your site so make sure text is broken up by images and in manageable chunks to help encourage users through the page.


Long gone are the days of plain, static and let’s face it, dull websites. Future proof your website by including some subtle animation to add interest and improve the user experience. Even a simple rollover movement on an image or flashing clickable link will improve the user experience and encourage visitors to explore more of your website. Some examples of how you can use animation on your site include

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