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Naked Barista approached us after wanting to create a bespoke website to reach out to the online market to sell his coffee beans. Being a door to door coffee bean salesman he knew having an online presence would be more beneficial to his business So we worked with him to create a superb eCommerce website.

We Delivered for Naked Barista

Bespoke ECommerce Website - Woocommerce 
Integration of Paypal and Barclaycard 
Website Management & Maintenance 
Social Media Management 
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Interactive Design

Naked Barista already had their packaging colours and logo design so he let us take full control of the website, which allowed us to create a website full of pastel colours to match his packaging to give the user a warm and welcoming feel. He wanted to have as much information about the coffee beans to give the user the opportunity to order the best product to suit their taste and for him to be portrayed in a knowledgeable position. We made sure the website was an enjoyable and smooth process, whilst making sure all the loading elements of the page were consistent and engaging as well as having an easy ordering system.

Website Design

Naked Barista

In 2016, I began travelling to different continents but it was while living in Sydney, Australia that my passion for coffee really began. My day could not start without my favourite shot of espresso from the local coffee shop.

It wasn’t until I came back to England for a short trip that I realised how difficult it was to find a good quality coffee.

Naked Barista website

The Results

With Naked Barista already being a popular brand in his local area and the owner known to many as Mr Bean, having the website would only bring in more business and prove its popularity. We represented the independence of Naked Barista and the individuality he wanted to achieve perfectly. The website is user-friendly, mobile optimized and Google ad words were created. Social Media Management has given him the chance to increase his online exposure and since doing so there has been a significant improvement in the traffic to the website and the engagement to the users has risen.

On-Going Support

Marketing Consultancy 
Artwork Design 
Social Media Management
Website Hosting 
Website Management
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