How to Use Colours in Website Design: Know to Get Impressing Results

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How to Use Colours in Website Design: Know to Get Impressing Results

Whether it is a small graphical presentation of your brand through PowerPoint Presentations or creating a digital banner for social media posts – the impact of the right colour scheme is crucial to promote your brand correctly. The same rule applies when you are designing and developing a website for your company. Professional website designers always pay much attention to colour schemes whenever they work on clients’ projects of website development and design.

An expert web design agency like Nu Media Hub will never let you down with its creative ideas and in-depth knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies. We always use colour palettes that can express your brand’s maximum potential to the visitors of your website in the best possible manner.

If you are unsure how to use the right colour combinations to promote your brand through an elegant and smart website, this blog might help you with some creative and relevant ideas.

What is a Website Colour Scheme?

When we say “website colour scheme”, what exactly do we mean? It is more important than just the colour of your logo or the fonts you use on your web pages. It encompasses every single colour you have used on your website to promote your brand, share information and keep your visitors engaged with your content. This includes;

A skilled web developer and design will use colours in all these sections with distinct strategies to create an overall impression of the brand, which must be positive and unique.

Why Are Website Colour Schemes Crucial?

Colours always have a deep and direct connection with human emotion and psychology. While setting the right colour palette for your website, you must not forget this connection. The pallet you use impacts the visitors of your website to set their perception about your products and services. This works in multiple ways which might not be directly visible but can be understandable by experienced and skilled website designers and developers.

The colour scheme of your website might be a key factor in determining how long visitors would stay on your web page and whether they wish to click that “Buy Now” button or not.

  • Brand Perception

Crating brand perception through a colour palette is an old practice of website design agencies in Surrey. Using the colour of your logo as the background of the website or for the texts can help in this process. It will help your audiences to create a strong and loyal perception of your brand whenever they visit the website.

  • Aesthetics

The role of colours in determining the aesthetics of your website is something needless to explain. The appearance of your website simply depends on the colours and layout of the same. Hence, you cannot ignore the significance of using the right colour scheme while designing a smart and relevant website for your brand.

  • Conversion

People visit a certain website for certain information or shopping love to see soothing colours around. While a website that offers music, videos or podcasts can use versatile colours and brightest colour schemes to match their theme, a brand that offers nursing and health care should go with something basic and sophisticated in terms of colour tones of the website. This has a huge impact on the conversion rate when you play right with colours on your website.

Important Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing the Colour Palette

Get Expert Advice from Top Web Design Agency in Surrey

Nu Media Hub has highly qualified and experienced web designers who can provide you with the right suggestions regarding colour schemes for your website as per your brand type and target audiences.

If you are not sure about the suitable colour schemes for your website, you can ask our team members for suggestions. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver them flawless solutions.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Why pay for a bespoke website, rather than using a website builder?

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Why pay for a bespoke website, rather than using a website builder?

Living in the digital world comes with its own set of pros and cons. Businesses are now required to have an online presence to gain an edge over their competitors. With new companies emerging every day, it is essential to have a stronghold in your market with Bespoke Website.

A badly-designed website will make visitors exit the page even before they glance at your products or services. Often small or medium-sized businesses are tempted to choose a website builder instead of bespoke website designs. However, if you wish to get better lead conversions, choose a custom website design in West Sussex. 

What is a Custom Build/Bespoke Website?

A bespoke website is specifically built, keeping your business objectives and values in mind. Custom website developers will code your website thoroughly to deliver a unique design. Bespoke websites offer unlimited options in design, UI/UX, accessibility, navigation, and functionality.

You can speak to your web design team and seek recommendations on user experience and usability.  Website designers have specialised knowledge to help businesses achieve their goals quickly. They will boost your purchase rate, phone calls, or lead generation.

Bespoke websites boost user experience by improving –

  • Website navigation
  • Hierarchy and structure
  • Call-to-action points like forms and buttons
  • Website interactivity

Bespoke Website vs Website Builder

Website builders will provide you with a pre-designed site template for your brand. These templates cost less than bespoke site which often tempt businesses to choose. However, such websites are built with a vision of one-size-fits-all, which may alter your business’s image. Template websites designed by website builders come with limited to zero scopes of customisation.

Thousand other websites will be using the same website template as your business. Your business will fail to voice its uniqueness and values to the customers. The coding of such templates often integrates many features that will result in a greater loading time. You will also have limited control over your website settings and functionalities.

Website builders often fail to offer complete technical support as the templates are built by third parties. Some templates may also have integration or functionality issues which can do significant damage to your business. However, these problems are solved by choosing a website design. A custom website comes with benefits including –

  • It allows you to implement future changes and expansion to your website seamlessly.
  • It allows you to create a robust online presence with no limitations.
  • Custom coding features allow you to have complete control over your website’s performance and functionality.
  • Web developers will offer full technical support to ensure seamless integration of all systems.

To survive in the fiercely competitive online-business world, you need to highlight your business values,  products and services along with your unique offerings. Nu Media Hub offers bespoke website design in West Sussexfulfilling your goals. They will regularly upgrade your site and offer complete technical support. Gain more organic traffic and ROI by working with Nu Media Hub.