Using video is a significant approach to sell your story and tell people about what you do. Video advertising has become increasingly popular and creative videos spread across the internet in a matter of days, with millions of views.

It also allows you to interact with your audience and engage the content of your business. Studies show that more than 70% of users who watched an explainer video about a product later bought it so just by adding a video to your landing page can increase your business profile by miles.

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we have our own in house videographers who will help capture what your business is, we know what making a video can do and it's one of the most all-round and profitable digital marketing tools out there.

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Business Showcase Videography:

Promote and showcase your brand, expertise with effective marketing video content. We will create 40 seconds to one minute video which tells your story, positions you as an expert and sells your products and services in a compelling way.

The first stage is the preparation for your Business Showcase Video, we will talk with you through the preparation, your ideas, our ideas, goals and image. We will then identify and highlight the key messages you want to showcase and promote, as well as your brand image and awareness. The second stage is the content. We will ensure that we create the finest and most engaging content. We will provide you are comfortable and coach you on how to deliver the crucial benefits. The third and final stage, we produce a high-quality approach, using our valuable time to edit and create a beautiful and intriguing video whilst showcasing your industry sector. The perfect business calling card!

Testimonial Videography:

Testimonial Video shows your clientele elaborating about your brand and product, meanwhile explaining the experience of working alongside your company.
This then aids to build brand trust and informs your target audience of how great your product and service is.

As a business, the use of customer testimonial ads to build trust and a relationship between the business and clientele.

Website Banner Videography:

More and more websites are featuring video loops for their homepage banner. These are more engaging than static photos and can tell a large portion of your business!

We will design your banner loop specifically. Constantly using creative footage from videos, ensuring that there is a clear story and matches seamlessly. We will also frequently shoot certain shots specifically for the banner when filming projects for our clients.

We ensure that your banner loop on your website will be approximately 30 seconds long. The perfect length, since you don’t want people to be disengaged, as well as avoiding the excessive buffer time as the video loads, whilst also will enhance your organic SEO.

It also refines your bounce rate, meaning people will continue to explore your website due to curiosity and enquire about further services, treatments e.g.
Website Banner Videography also creates a more professional touch to your website and engages future clientele.

Product Videography:

Product Videography exhibits the satisfaction for a product, capturing the style and persona that your target audience desires. We use our in house studio, with stylised lighting in order to generate a distinct storyline and focus.

This will also ensure that your SEO efforts are improved for your particular product, as product videos emerge in 14% of search results! It also provides an all round view of the product, going into depth about the features, style, design and practicality, all the things the consumer wants to know.

Using product videography, also helps increase your brands trust and awareness between the consumer and the product. It is proven that 58% of businesses with product videography are trustworthy. This is also demonstrated within returns, due to consumers being less likely to return an item/product as they will acknowledge the product.

As part of any considerable marketing strategy, this is a key asset.

Social Media Videography:

55% of individuals watch videos online every day. Social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than images and text amalgamated. The use of videography in social media authorizes you to be concise and apprehend viewers' interests in the initial start.

Social media triumph lies in your potential to condense the details into uncomplicated snippets of content that is a sufficient period to maintain viewers' attention but a short enough to leave them wanting more.

Marketing / Promotional Videography:

Promotional videos should be concise as they determine the main principle in the brief amount of time whilst maintaining the viewer's interest.

Consumers like to view the video because it is undemanding, appealing and engaging. Marketers like to use video as it can give a potential large return on investment! Video is also attainable to anyone with internet access, both to watch and produce.

Online video is 600% effective as a marketing tool than print and mail combined.

Real Estate / Walkthroughs:

Real Estate Videography/Walkthroughs are a key part of the new digital world. This allows buyers to experience both the lifestyle and features of a property from their computer screen. This also speeds up the selling process and offers, making the property feel desirable and allowing the buyers to fall in love with the selected property, whilst aligning with their future plans.

Drone Videography:

Want to take your marketing to new heights?

Capture the cinematic saga of drone videography!

Allowing you to capture dynamic moments, in which no camera can compete. From filming at sea with boats in action, filming landscapes, supercars, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Youtube Videography:

We are now in the era of content marketing. With the rise of social media platforms, youtube is one of the best ways to connect on both a personal and business level. Engaging with your consumers, followers and potential business partners. You can no longer hide behind a logo, consumers want to connect on a personal level and see your business from the inside out.

Content can vary from, how to videos, top 10 videos, tips and tricks, meet the team, personality videos and so much more. Giving an insight like no other!

Restaurant Videography:

It is important, as a restaurant to showcase the whole dining experience. From the preparation, to the cooking, grilling, plating and then the serving to the clientele. The seating experience, the ambience, combined to show the ultimate dining experience that your restaurant has to offer.

Tutorial Videography:

Videos are a compelling way to learn how to do something online. Most customers would prefer to watch a marketing video rather than seeing an ad.

45% of marketers have added video content to their strategy this year!

There is a lot of benefit in making videos specifically for those in your audience who are trying to master how to do something!

Training Videos:

There a wide variety of perks to have online training videos. We go into depth, show different angles, close up's and also the environment of the training and what is offered! Flexibility, allows students to have the privilege to aggregate their careers, learning and work, as they aren't tied down to a fixed schedule, networking opportunities, documentation, increased instructor and direct access to expertise. We ensure to capture this all!

Interview Style Videos:

This style of video is individualized, and the interviewee may be a subject matter expert or just someone with an opinion. Unscripted and authentic interview videos are a great way to lend a personal touch to a story or provide a point of view.

Interviews are the best way to get real information, stats and figures. They offer an unscripted personal take or knowledge from an expert. There’s a reason why journalism relies on interviews so heavily, and that’s the truth.

Interview clips add authenticity and character to your other types of videos. You can break the interview up into short clips to use on yoursocial media platforms. You might even find a gratifying pin to incorporate in a company culture video or explainer.

Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics is a video style which amalgamates informational and educational content with powerful graphics. Getting high-quality motion graphics means attaching innovation to your projects! Produce your videos to become unique and enjoyable.

Wedding Videography:

Capture memories that will last forever!

From highlight reels to full interviews with your guests, we here at NU MEDIA CREATIVE offer a wide variety of packages to suit any style, budget and location. We understand how special this moment is for you and all your guests, therefore we are committed to giving you the video of your dreams.

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